Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cydia remotely spy - install and track without access to the target phone

A new cydia technology that can remotely spy any mobile is gaining popularity right now.  Unlike the conventional spyware, this program can be installed even without any physical access to the phone.  

Cydia remotely spy - install and track without access to the target phone


Yes you read it right.  This software is tested and it works.  Conventional spy programs require you to have an access to the phone you want to spy prior to installation but not this software.  You can install the software even the phone is at a distant.  This feature makes this software stealthy and sneaky for any phone you want to spy.  Reminders use it only to the phone you own!  You should only install it to the phone that is registered under your name or to the phone that you have consent to the owner.  In this way you will not be subject to “Privacy law”. 

What is this software and how it works?

Cell tracker is a new state of the art technology that allows us to monitor phones for many reasons.   Parents can use it in tracking their teens from home or at school.  This software lets you read text messages of kids giving you clues what they are up to and if they have been good a day round.  You can monitor their internet usage.  Cell tracker provides reports about their email messages, browsing habits by checking browser history.  You will know if they are engage in meeting strangers from their Facebook account.  Reading their chat messages can be very helpful.  This empowers you to see and monitor them and guide them whenever possible for their own sake.  Businessman too enjoys the benefits they see from using this software.  They can easily track if there is any employee stealing in their company.  You will know if your employees are using their phone privileges for personal use only.  You can manage your phone bills by checking the phone call logs.  You can track your employee’s performance even if they are outside the company by checking on their real time location.

How to install?

·         First you must download and install on YOUR phone.
·         Next make a phone call to the phone you want to spy.  In 30 secs the target phone must not answer the phone call to allow pairing between the two phones.
·         Finally receives any buzz every time the target phone is used.  You will receive directly the reports to your phone.  Unlike from the conventional spyware you must login to an online account to receive your reports.

Advantage of using this cydia remote spy software

·         First there is no need to access the target phone
·         It is cheap – you will have to pay a onetime payment and you use the software forever as you want.  No additional charges, no hidden fees and no extra cost.
·         You can enjoy all the features provided by conventional spyware.

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