Monday, June 11, 2012

Cydia iPhone tracking app – ultimate solution for mobile monitoring

Cydia iPhone tracking app is your all in one solution for monitoring.  It is designed to aid you in your daily security problems like spying on your employees, taking care of your teenagers and even checking if your spouse is cheating on you!

cydia iphone tracking app


•    Are you tired of spying on your employees and watching their every move.  I’m sure as owner or business manager it is your primary task to take care of your employee problem.
•    Are you worried that your teenager daughter is dating strangers?  Do you want to protect her at all times?
•    Do you have a strong feeling that your spouse is cheating on you?  You wanted to know if this gut feeling is true.

Don’t worry!  Here is now a solution that will solve all those problems.  Cydia tracking app for iPhone lets you monitor which people you want to spy on.  You will know how they are doing during the day.  You will know where they are and many more!

Which cydia tracker application for iPhone is the best?

I’m sure before you stumble upon here you found out there are so many mobile spyware out there roaming around the internet.  Some are cheap and some are very expensive.  Another one has so many promises which you are in doubt if it’s true.  Let me guide you which spy app for iphone you should choose.  I highly recommend StealthGenie spy software.

How it works?

StealthGenie spy software is intelligent software that you will install on any iPhone mobile you want to spy.  It works in the background that the person under surveillance wouldn’t notice even a single clue that he is monitored.  It gathers all cell phone activities and immediately uploads the data to a remote computer where you can access using your username and password.

The information you will gather includes access to the Sms text messages received and send by the phone.  In this way you will know if your daughter is meeting strangers and you will be able to protect her immediately.  Also it contains reporting on the real-time location and even the history of the whereabouts of the phone user.  This location tracking is very important especially if you want to know the location of your workforce outside of your office.  In this way you will know if your employee is really stuck in a traffic or just taking a nap in his home.  Internet browsing monitoring is another important feature this cydia tracking application for iPhone offers.  You will have access to all the mails coming in and out of the phone.  This helps you to crack down employees leaking information to competitors.

You see StealthGenie has so many benefits has to offer to you.  To learn more visit:  StealthGenie or you may start to Download now!

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