Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who else want Cydia Spionage app?

Download here cydia spionage app.  It is an application for monitoring and tracking every activity on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Cydia Spionage app


  • Do you suspect that your employees are stealing on your company?
  •  Is your sales are always low daily?
  • Do you have high monthly phone bills?
  •  Is someone leaking valuable contract deals from your competitors?
  •  Do suspect that your employee is using your business phone for personal use only especially during business hours.
  •  Are your service / sales employee really doing their job on the field?

As an employer you make everything in the right place.  You make it sure that your employees have their benefits.  Every Christmas you give them holiday bonus.  You also give incentives and allowance for your employees in the field like food allowance, transportation allowance and even clothing allowance but are you receiving the same value from your employees?

You can stop all of these business problems by using Spyerea spy software.  It is a cydia spionage app that allows you to monitor and gather every data on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

  •  It is easy to install in only take more or less 5 minutes.
  •  It is easy to use, straight forward and has user friendly interface software.
  •  Every information is immediately stored in a computer where you can access it 24 / 7 using your PC with an internet connection from anywhere in the world.
  •  Text messages logging.  You can read the incoming and outgoing messages of your employees and verify which of your employees is using the phone for personal use.
  •  Location tracking.  You will know the exact location of your service / sales people and determine which of them is just roaming during business hours.
  •  You can turn their phone into a bugging device and listen to the conversation in the background and knows which of them is leaking valuable information of your company to your competitors.
  •  URL logging. This spy software logged every URL visited. You will know if your employees are using your company phone by browsing to different sites for personal use.
  •  Phone book monitoring. You will know every person saved in the phonebook.  You will be able to track every customer they are religiously communicating to.
  •  Photo and Video logging.  You can verify the photos and video's of your employees working in the field if pictures are authenticate.  This spy application allows you to track every pictures and video recorded by the phone.
  • Since you can monitor all of the data from the phone you can use it as evidence in confronting dishonest employees or you can use it as an evidence to give merit, incentives, and promotion to your employees.

Cydia spionage application is a must for every businessman like you!

To learn more about this application:

You must act now before it's too late for your company.  Or else your employees will:

  •  Continue stealing from your company
  •  Use phone bills for personal use
  •  Continue leaking valuable information to your competitors
  •  Roaming around the city instead of attending to your customers
  •  Browse internet for pleasure instead of business
  •  Unhappy customers
  •  Low sales and service income.
  •  Business shutdown.

By the way using cydia spy app is cheaper than a hiring private investigator.  Spy software is easy to install, user-friendly and provide fast results.

You could stay at home while your business is running on its own.  You can track / monitor your company at the comfort of your home.  All you need is a PC with an internet.  You can watch T.V, listen to your favorite music, play with your kids, and have quality time for your wife.  Isn't that great!

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