Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How can I find my phone?

There are over 7 billion people uses cell phone daily, and one of the common problem they ask themselves is "How can I find my phone just in case it was lost or stolen?".

  • Is your phone lost?
  • Is your phone stolen?
  • Did you accidentally misplace it?

The other week I forgot where I secure my new iPhone 4.  I looked in my library but it wasn¡¯t there.  I search the kitchen but it wasn¡¯t there.  I also search in my bedroom but still no luck.  I had a fight with my wife blaming her for arranging my things without my permission.  I almost shout to my kids for being so bad temper.  I relax for thirty minutes, until it came to my mind that my phone was in my car.  I was so guilty for what I have done to my wife and my kids.  If there was only a way how can I find my phone easily it would not happen.

Today end those sad stories of stolen phone, lost phone and misplace phone.  All you need is a cell phone software that will monitor your phone location 24 /7 anytime you want.   I would like to introduce to you the Spybubble spy software.  It is one of the most trusted software in spy software industry.  It easy is to install even your grandma can download and install it.  It is easy to use.  Provide fast results.

It has so many features that can help you in your daily activity.

  • Spybubble allows you to locate your phone using the GPS system of your phone.  You can find your phone anywhere it was misplace.  It is so reliable that it uses a minimum of three satellites to give you the exact location in real time.
  • if your phone was stolen you can catch the thief by locating its real time location.  You can track him and be able to ask for police assistance to catch him.
  • That¡¯s not all.  This spy software allows you to read all the text messages send and received by the phone.  If you phone was stolen you will have any idea how and where to find your stolen phone.
  • Spybubble lets you see all the pictures and videos recorded earlier.  If the thief unintentionally taken picture of his face you will have any idea who is the thief.
  • If the culprit tries to browse the internet you can follow which sites he visited.  This software logged every URL visited by the phone.
  • If the law breaker tries to sell the phone thru email you can access it too.  You can read every mail send and received by the phone.
  • You can have information of every person the culprit tries to call.  The software will immediately log every call incoming and outgoing and save a backup for you to see those phone numbers.
  • Every data gathered is automatically upload to a server where you can access using your user account. 

Where can I download Spybubble

You can find more information here or download now!

Stop wasting your time looking for your lost phone.  Let spybubble do the job for you.  Lost phone can easily irritate you and it may affect your relationship to your wife, your kids and your family.
Get spybubble or you will not be able to retrieve your stolen phone forever.

Now tell me how can I find my phone?

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