Saturday, April 28, 2012

Three ways to spy on mobile phones

Do you want to spy on mobile phones?  See how you can monitor cell phones in three ways.

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Software apps are being developed every day.   We are using computer develop programs to make our life easier.  Right now you are using your computer in reading my blog.  Your computer is run by a software to work as what you like it to do for you.  You should be inclined to technology unless otherwise you will be surprised that there are spy apps available for any mobile phones.

Traditional mobiles phones are used to call and received call.  It is also used to send and receive text.  Today phones are use far from what it can do before.  You can send text and emails from them, browse through websites, record audio and video, use it as calendar, alarm clock, and listen to mp3 music and radio station and many more!

And now, the latest app that allows you to monitor cell phones as well.  You need to install this software to the target phone.  It will take more or less five minutes to do it.  After installation, you can monitor all the information from the phone and how it is use by the owner.  You need to log in to the website where you subscribe for the spy application.

What are the things you will know from spying on mobile phone?  Well, a lot. 

•    You can see how many calls the target phone has made.  You will also know the duration of every call.  You can see the numbers of the phone who call the target phone under spy and the cell phone numbers called by the phone.   This is a ultimate solution for controlling the monthly expenses in phone bills especially if you are paying for your kids or you give mobile phones to your employees.

•    You can spy on mobile cell phones by gaining access to all text messages received and received by the phone.  You can read them letter by letter word for word.  Even the person under spy intentionally deleted all the messages to hide something, you can read them.  The spy software immediately backup all the messages in a computer where you can access it by logging in your username and password.

•    Finally, you can spy on mobile phones by tracking their exact location in real time.  Spy software has a Google map like interface where you can locate the target phone.  This feature is very useful for finding lost children and knowing if they are really attending their school classes or just hanging out with their friends.

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