Saturday, April 28, 2012

iPhone spionage app download here

Download iPhone spionage app here.  You can find the best spy application here.  How it works and how you can benefit from using it!

iphone spionage app download


These are the three areas where you want to download iPhone spy app.
•    Do you want to protect your kids?
•    Do you want to monitor your employees?
•    Do you want to catch your cheating spouse?

The best solution to these problems is to use spy software.  All you need is an application that will automatically report to you any untoward incident happening to your subject like your kids, employees and spouse.

I highly recommend Spyera spy software!

How to install?

•    First download the iPhone spionage application here.
•    Next hold on the iPhone and using the browser go to the download link.  Download and proceed to installation.  Follow the on screen instructions.  It will take you more or less five minutes.
•    Handover the phone to your subject like your kids, employee or spouse.
•    Log in to Spyera website using your user account created from registration.   See the data gathered from the phone.

How it works?

•    Sms logging – You will have access to read all the messages coming in and out of the phone.  The information includes the names assigned to the numbers and the date and time it was sent.  This great in monitoring every move of the person under spy.  Even they intentionally delete messages.  Spyera has already a copy of it, so you can still find out any information they are trying to hide from you.

•    Location tracking – Using the embedded GPS system and Spyera software.  You can find the person using the phone anytime 24 /7.  Spyera use a map so you can easily track where the location of the phone’s user is.  It has history reporting of the location where the phone has been as well.  You can find out if your kids are really going to school diligently or skipping classes.  In this way you can easily correct your kid’s mistake.  It is great for tracking your workforce outside your company.  You can find if they are really reporting to your customers and also where they are exactly on the time they should be.  You can also easily locate where your spouse meet the other woman.

•    Call spy and recording – You can listen to live calls whenever a call is made.  You can even record the conversation by remotely activating the microphone of the iPhone.  You can find out if your kid is lying to you.  You can also check if any of your employees are leaking important information to your competitors.  This is also great for monitoring your company’s phone bill.  You will find if any of your employees are using the phone for personal use instead of business purposes.  You can use the recorded conversation in confronting your cheating spouse.

•    Email, URL and chat logging – You can find how the person using the internet.  You will find if your employees is chatting during business hours.  You will find if your kid’s is browsing obscene and adult materials.  You will know if your spouse is communicating to the third party in the mail or chat.

There are so many features of Spyera and so many ways how you can benefit from using it!

Visit Spyera software or Download now!

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