Saturday, April 28, 2012

Record cydia phone call – free tutorial

Do you want to record cydia phone call?  Great!  Follow my free step by step tutorial on how you can record cydia mobile phone call.

record cydia phone call


•    Do you want to hear the conversations on the cydia phone live!
•    Do you want to record the calls made and received by the cydia phone?
•    Do you want to know the time, date and names when a call made?

All of the questions above are the most common reasons why we want to record phone calls.  Maybe you have any other reasons and I hope I could guide you now using this cydia phone call recorder.
StealthGenie spy software is an application that you need.  It is magnificent software that allows you to do many things and even monitor every piece of information you can gather from the target phone.

Things you need to continue my tutorial:

1.    Cydia phone like iPhone or iPad.
2.    StealthGenie spy software

Steps to follow:

•    First subscribe to the service of StealthGenie spy software.  Go here.  After your subscription you will received a download link where StealthGenie source can be found.

•    Next hold now your cydia phone and using the browser enter the link to the URL address bar.  You will be prompt to download and follow the on screen instructions.

•    Then handover the phone to the person you want to spy.  It could be your employee or a member of your family like your kids or spouse. 

•    Finally Log in to StealthGenie spy software website using your user account.  See the feature where you can activate the microphone of the target phone and begin recording.  You can even listen to a live call that is happening.

How it will help you?

•    Recorded cydia phone calls can be used as evidence in confronting your problematic employee.  It can be used to monitor phone call usage to minimize non-business calls.

•    You will be able to monitor your kids at home and at home.  You will know if they are behaving themselves or they are into deep trouble.

•    If you are suspicious that you are cheating by your spouse you can use it to find the truth.
I hope that you can now start recording calls on any cydia phone using my step by step tutorial.

Recording cydia phone call made easy spy StealthGenie.

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