Saturday, April 21, 2012

Facts and Misconceptions about Cydia Phone Tracker

Cydia Phone Tracker is now a reality that anyone can get it for a few dollars on the internet.  Just like any new technology, it created controversy as it is invasion of privacy.  On the other hand, some says that it is the best solution in protecting their business and families.

cydia phone tracker


Moral standings are always one-sided, and they depend on each person’s view. However, truths aren’t subjective. They are objective and we’re going to review some of the facts about cydia phone tracker software so that you have a better understanding what cydia phone tracker application is really about.

Common misconception about cydia phone tracker:

•    You can use it to spy on whomever you want – This is a big NO.  You can’t spy on whomever you want because you will sign an agreement or contract between you and the spy software provider that you will only install the spy app on the phone that you own.  Spy software provider will collaborate to authorities if you use the spyware to phone that is not yours.  This will keep you in trouble and you will be punished by the invasion of privacy law. 

•    Cydia phone tracker is illegal and it can only be sold to black market - This not true.  Cydia cell phone tracking spy software is available and can be bought on the internet.
Now with these two misconceptions clarified, it is a bit easier why there are three groups who have been buying this software:  employers who pay mobile phone for their employees, parents and spouse who think they are cheated by their partner.

What does software do?

•    Allows you to read messages
•    Report to you the exact location of the phone’s user.
•    Access to phone book and many more!

How do you benefit from using it?

•    Parents – You will know the whereabouts of your kids and who they are dealing with.
•    Employers – You can minimize personal phone calls and save money from long distance calls as well if your employees are unethically using it for personal use.
•    Spouse – You will know if you are cheated by your partner or just want to find the truth.

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