Monday, April 16, 2012

iPhone 4s spy app for 2012 that can record phone calls

Do you need iPhone 4s spy app for 2012 that can record phone calls?  Then, all you need is spy software.  Download here.


•    Do you want to listen to the conversation of your kids in their phone and find out who are they communicating daily?
•    Do you want to know who is the person your partner calling to while in the bathroom?
•    Do you want to know which of your employees are using their phone for personal use?

Stealthgenie spy software is a spy application for iPhone 4s that allows you to record phone calls.  How to make it work?  First you must jailbreak your iPhone.  If you have no idea about Jailbreaking you can go here.  After jailbreak, you need to subscribe to stealthgenie spy software website.  They will give you the download link.  Hold the phone you need to spy and download the spy software.  Follow the on screen instruction it will only take you more or less five minutes.  Next hand over the phone to person you are going to spy.  And then, log in to the website using your user account created earlier.  Finally see all the information you could get.  There is an option there were you can enable the microphone of iPhone 4s and record every phone conversation that will take place.

But that is not all! Aside from recording phone conversation, Stealthgenie has so many features that you can use in spying iPhone 4s or any phone it supports.   Some of the features are Sms logging, Url Monitoring, Call logging, Phone book access and many more!

•    You can listen now to the phone conversation of your kids and find out if they are behaving themselves or if they are into deep trouble.
•    You can find out if your partner is really cheating on you or you are just being paranoid.
•    You can minimize business expenses like phone bills using this spy software. 

Recorded phone calls can be helpful.  You use it as evidence in confronting your kids, partner or employees.

Visit: Stealthgenie software or Subscribe now!

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Alys said...

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