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iPhone spy cam

Do you want extra security features for your mobile?  iPhone spy cam app lets you do that.  You can monitor your family, friends, relatives and even your business right at the comfort of your home.  All need is to install these application to the target phone.  You also a PC and a internet connection.

Before we go to the applications you want to know if your iPhone is Jailbroken.  Applications are classified into two.  First cydia apps,  these are applications that work if only you phone is already jailbroken.  The next classification are applications from the appstore.  These application will work even you jailbreak or not jailbroken your iPhone.

Which is better?  Both application from the two categories are great software.  The only difference is applications from the appstore will not let you do almost everything for spy purposes.  You can find application that only cater one enhancement for the phone.  Unlike the cydia applications / third party software you can monitor everything from the SMS - Calls - Photo - Videos and many more.  I will start to enumerate first the cydia apps.

Cydia Apps:

Spybubble spy - This application is great for iPhone spy cam purposes.  It lets you Track all the photos taken by the target phone.  You will also see photos received by the phone.  All of these pictures can be viewed in a secured server provided for you.
More features...

Spy Photo - With SpyPhoto you can shoot in less than 1 second, making no noise or allow flash. It is the best option to take pictures without any suspicion.

Just make the gesture that you set (or double tap the status bar by default) to take the picture. You do not even need to be on the camera application, you can shoot from any application or even lockscreen. You can set the action in> SpyPhoto-> Activation methods.

- Taking pictures without any noise.
- Capture images from any application.
- Choose the front or rear camera.
- Enable PopUp confirmation before taking the picture.
- Automatically saves the photo library.

Spyphone app - This another great iPhone spy cam application.  Whenever the target phone shoot,   a copy of the image will be automatically upload to a remote computer.  So even if the person using the target phone delete the photos you will still have a copy of it without the knowledge of the person under monitoring.
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Mobistealth app -  Another app to track all the pictures shoot by the phone is this mobistealth app.  It allows you to monitor all the photos shoot and received.  All the images are immediately saved in a secured server.  All you need is to log in to your user account.
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Mobilespy tool - Video and Photo Monitoring.  It allows you to records photos and videos taken by the phone. You can viiew all Photos taken by the phone and watch Videos recorded by the phone

All the application above will work only if you have a jailbroken iPhone.  The application below are application that will work for a not jailbroken iPhone.  These are usually came from the app-store.

SpyCam - - Now you can watch the things you love!

SpyCam is a sophisticated tool for monitoring the camera with an advanced motion and sound detection algorithms that allows it to automatically record video and generate tweets in real time ** When something interesting happens. All videos are stored in the vault where they protected code can be viewed or exported to the camera roll of the iPhone.

• Video motion trigger to start recording video when motion is detected by the camera.
• Audio trigger to start the video recording when sound is detected by the microphone.
• Ability to automatically exit the application if the device is moved while recording.
• Tabs Twitter - get updates remotely via twitter SpyCam on this fact. Automatic tweeting events with photos ** as they arise.
SpyCam -

Cam Viewer - Furnishing Industry Software House - Cam Viewer is a viewer Security cam designed to make it easy to view images from your IP security or web surveillance and security cameras.

Cam Viewer layout takes care of configuring the viewer for your camera brand and model specific. Simply specify the IP address of your camera and the connection details and Cam Viewer does the configuration for you.

Now updated to version 1.4, Cam Viewer supports controls for pan & tilt camera models selected, any number of cameras, a whole new interface, great new features including the ability to capture snapshots living and save them to your iPhone, and more!

Cam Viewer allows you to configure an unlimited number of cameras and see them all in a layout thumbnail, or zoom into individual devices for near real-time feed. You can control the refresh rate of your cameras, as well as displaying your camera in portrait or landscape. The thumbnail view shows 6 cameras at a time, just slide across to reveal the next set of six cameras.

Cam Viewer can also be manually configured to access any jpg.,. Png or. Gif available on the Internet, you can see the weather radar, traffic, street cams and more.
Cam Viewer - Furnishing Industry Software House

FaceSpy - A Very Discreet Spy Cam - Spark So - Take pictures and record videos imperceptible! FaceSpy Cam Spy is perfect for the following situations:

- Take covert surveillance of an area.

- When you want to secretly take a snapshot of someone's clumsy behavior.

- A thief trying to steal someone's wallet on a bus and want to take a picture as proof.

- Spy your colleagues to see if they are really working or just surfing the Internet.

- You want to take a look at the person behind you, but do not dare go around your head. (iPhone / iPod 4 required for this position)

- When people look at the screen of your iPhone / iPod Touch when using FaceSpy, they think you are browsing Facebook, watching YouTube, watching the App Store or googling!

With FaceSpy, all the above can be done in the most discreet.
FaceSpy - A Very Discreet Spy Cam - Spark So

Secret Spy Camera Pro - Professional Security Snapshot & Video Recorder - Panorama Concepts -

Photo / Video Mode
Set the mode video / photo if the camera is used in or out.

Spy Mode
Once the camera is activated, you can select websites from four themes to spy in disguise as people around you think you're surfing the net. Just drag from left to right. This will be your "activity Alibi". - Sports - Policy
Search engine - - Facebook

Secret spy mode
You can enable promiscuous mode button in the lower right that appears only when the camera was activated. This will ban the display screen to provide additional confidentiality (maximum protection). Reactivate the screen at any time by typing in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Capture Frequency
Define a specific frequency for which the camera takes a picture (portrait continuous). Default was defined as 2 seconds between each shot. This can be changed in the general settings.

Time Capture
Set a specific time to complete the desired goals operational in a practical way and the life of the battery. Default was defined as 600 seconds or 10 minutes. This can be changed in the general settings.

Time & Stamp
Attach an optional stamp date and time to your photos so you can keep track of what happened on which day, time and place.

Photos and videos will be automatically transferred to your Camera Roll album for your easy reference.
Secret Spy Camera Pro - Professional Security Snapshot & Video Recorder - Panorama Concepts

SpyPic - Imaginary Feet, LLC - Have you ever wanted to take a picture, but would not be so obvious? SpyPic is the best app for that.
SpyPic - Imaginary Feet, LLC

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