Friday, March 2, 2012

Cydia video spy apps

Jailbreak first your iPhone before you use these Cydia video spy apps.  You won't be able to run these software because your phone is restricted by apple built in security.  When your phone is jailbroken you  will see the cydia icon and this time you will be able to run and install apps.

Mobile spy app - This is a nice video spy app allows you to watch all the videos recorded by the target phone.  These videos are automatically saved to a server where you can access using the username and password provided for you.
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MobiStealth spy app -Video Monitoring.  This applictation allows you to view every video on the monitored cell phone using this advanced cell phone spy software feature.
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If you don't want to jailbreak your iPhone you could use video spy apps from the app-store.  I'll mention some of the here.

Top Secret Video Recorder - Top Rated Spy Apps -  Using this application you will be able to save videos conversations, friends, concerts, and more without any clue from the target person, even when you’re not in the room! Finally, save those precious moments at a party without looking like a paparazzi, or even spy your nanny when you’re away.

Allows you to schedule recording with the advanced motion detection feature to avoid saving a lot of data for a long periods where nothing is happening. You can then save your important videos with a password! Need to aim the camera without being noticed? Open a tiny video preview window or swipe your finger to hide it in an instant.
Top Secret Video Recorder - Top Rated Spy Apps

Bond‘s DevilVideo—a secret video camera —developed for 007! - RoBoLaLa.LTD -

Stealth is powerful!
Because it is the best spy cam!
That's it, the camera "configurable interface" developed for 007 spy, now open for you!

Face unique phone ("number" buttons and "call" button can function as an actual call.)
SMS and face. (Now you can DIY your own "SMS face" by screenshot of your SMS interface.)
Or custom faces ----- any screen saver like "Twitter" or "eBook" you want, and to confirm the setting function.
Well, bring your secretVideo with you to make a diverse world record!

Important reminder:

When a video is ready, you can drag from left to right at the top of the screen to "adjustment".
When the video was taken, a small "timer" can be seen on the lower left corner of the screen.
All three videos are stored in the default album iphone (ie sunflower).
Bond‘s DevilVideo—a secret video camera —developed for 007! - RoBoLaLa.LTD

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