Friday, March 2, 2012

Cydia app for mobile videos

After you jailbreak, now it's time to fire up those cydia app for mobile videos.  These are great apps which extend your iPhone capabilities and add more functionality compared to some applications available from the app-store.

SBSettings - is an application that makes various jailbreak toggle switches directly to the iPhone home screen that are available in the Settings application. SBSettings is also considered as a replacement for BossPref, which offered similar functions in 1.x. firmware for the iPhone
SBSettings is not like the regular iPhone application that can be launched from the home screen by tapping its icon. To launch it, you have to drag the status bar or press the iPhone status bar using two fingers. Once SBSettings is launched, you will see various toggle switches that are available in the application parameters such as Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE, Bluetooth, brightness etc. Just press the switch to activate or deactivate (Red is "Off", green is "On"). Is it not a much faster way to change settings?

 AnyAttach - is a tweak that allows you to attach arbitrary files to emails directly from within the email application. It comes with a file selector and photo / video which is accessible via the paperclip button to be added to the object bar into the mail composition window. So now you can add files to your emails much easier on your IOS devices on IOS 4.0 or higher. No icon screen is added to home device. Tweak options can be configured from the Settings app on your iDevice. The tweak is priced at $ 1.99 on BigBoss repo.

 Dreamboard - Advanced Platform Theming. Take control of SpringBoard! Dreamboard lets you put whatever widgets for applications where you want. Theming is not limited to icons only, or having to resort to complicated setup issues involving iconoclasm, SpringJumps, etc.
Dreamboard  is easy to switch between any subject in just seconds. Just run, select and apply! And Dreamboard eliminates the long wait for restarting Springboard every time you make a change. No more resprings! Dreamboard includes a complementary copy of Endroid (HTC theme).
Compatible with iPad but not all themes compatible. Not all the topics recommended for use with older aircraft.

AssistantLove - Siri is an excellent tool to control built-in Apple applications, but if you prefer to play music in Spotify application or use a GPS for navigation, there is no way to do it. AssistantLove adds the ability to control Spotify and navigation applications for Siri using the same commands you are already familiar.

You can search and listen to Spotify from Siri albums using the same command set that you use the default music player or you can create a new command. If you prefer to use GPS applications instead of the default map app, TomTom supports AssistantLove, Waze, MotionX-GPS, and Navigon. Asking for directions will automatically launch the application of your choice instead of the built-in browser. There are some other related features AssistantLove well, including settings and toggles launch app. This is a $ 1.99 download and available in the repository of Big Boss.

iBlacklist - is the best call blocker and sms selector available for iPhone. It ables you to choose from which you want to receive calls and hide messages.
It also removes the sms popup preview protecting your privacy, has a parental control mode by blocking outgoing calls, can be fully programmed and many other features. Try it, you'll love.  For me one of the best cydia app for mobile videos.

xBackup - iPhone is a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia that allows you to easily create backups of all your jailbroken applications and settings. I personally have always dreaded restore my iPhone and re-jailbreak with new firmware since the task has always been so scary. This program aims to make this task if not more irritating.

xBackup simply save your backup within your backup iTunes. All you'll need to do is open xBackup backup tap, and it will create a backup of all your Cydia packages and settings. Then sync your iPhone with iTunes. After you are done with it, update or restore your iPhone as you normally would (or use PwnageTool or other method of custom upgrade, but you prefer). After you are done jailbreak again, instead of having to re-download and install all your settings jailbreak, just download again from Cydia xBackup.
You must open xBackup and choose the Restore tab yet. You should see your last backup. Just type it and all your settings and applications Cydia will come back down. If you do not see your backup, you must make sure that you chose to restore from your most recent backup of iTunes.

iFile - It allows fast navigation through the iPhone file system. You can display files of different types, such as movies, sounds, text, HTML, Microsoft types, PDF, various compressed formats. For PDF files directly can skip pages. ZIP packing and unpacking compressed file is also supported. Files can be sent as attachments. Text files and lists of property can be edited. Folders and files can be bookmarked. In addition, files can be uploaded and downloaded from the Web server built iFile.

These are the most download cydia app for mobile videos.  More apps later!

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