Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cydia remote app for iphone

Here you can find cydia remote app for iPhone.  So do you want to control your iPhone from your desktop? or do you want to control your desktop from your iPhone?  Check them here.

Cylay is built with security in mind.  It was develop simply to help iPhone owners to retrieve their lost device.  It also help them catch the thief in case the phone was stolen.  It includes the normal Find Your iPhone feature, as well as remote lock, remote message, backup, restore, remote wipe – the list goes on! It’s $18 per year and is definitely worth it, especially compared to the cost of a lost iPhone.

Remote Buddy turns your iPhone into a remote control right in your hands a key to your whole system. Regardless, if you want to control applications and presentations, navigation and playback of your music and video collection, watch TV with EyeTV, browse the Web or your filesystem, make the whole tour in Google Earth, enter a text, move the mouse, play games or just change the brightness of your screen - you can do it all with Remote Buddy! And much more!
Using your iPhone, you can control more than 95 applications, system parameters and Remote Buddy itself - just like with any other remote control supported.

OpenSSH for iPhone.  It allows you to monitor your server from anywhere.  This is like you are logging directly to your remote server.  You can do basic to advance system maintenance.  Modifying your website is fast and easy using this application.

MobileTerminal 316s-7 is a terminal emulator application for the iPhone. (i.e. Terminal or Term-vt100 in Community Resources) is NOT an SSH client, nor Telnet for that matter. It can however be used to execute a console ssh-client application great for server monitoring and website maintenance.

Farfinder is an application that allows you manage your file from your remote Mac computer.  This app work for your iPhone.  All you need is a browser from your iPhone and this app.

I like these applications as it makes my job easier than ever before.

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