Saturday, March 24, 2012

Best cydia spy video app

Download here the best cydia spy video app available on the market.  This is the greatest apps which I think might interest you.  See them here.

best cydia spy video app


•    Do you want to spy on the videos recorded on the phone?
•    Do you want to do it in a stealth way
•    Do you want know what is the phone's user doing during the day?

StealthGenie -I believe is the greatest spying videos application of them all.  Aside from allowing you to monitor videos it is also provide detailed information every vids recorded earlier.  It reports to you the time and date videos recorded allowing you to track each of them and find if the person is in the right time frame where they should be.  It is great for monitoring your kids especially if they are religiously attending their school classes.

That’s not all.  StealthGenie secretly uploads all the saved video files from your targets phone and uploads them to the member’s area. You can then watch all these videos in high quality media player in the comfort of your home. The time and date stamp is also uploaded for an easy reference guide for you.
Mobile phone users these days like to record everything from their phones. Things they see or find fascinating. If you want to know the particular places of your child or employee on a particular day and you find a video that they took on that day, then you can be sure where they were in the time frame when they are supposed to be at work or school.

Aside for the information that you will gather from the recorded videos, you can also take advantage of the other power features offered by this spy software.  Some of the features included are SMS tracking, Call tracking, GPS tracking and even internet logging.

To know more about this great cydia video app visit:  StealthGenie or you can start to spy videos Download here!

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