Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spy cam on iPhone

Spy cam on iPhone! Yes you read it right.  As we all know, iPhone is used for text messaging, calling, taking pictures, recording videos, browsing the internet, and many more.  Do you know that you can use it also for spying?

spy cam on iphone

In these era of information technology human race advance its knowledge in computer.  More and more solutions is done through the use of computer.  Today programmers created a spy software where you can control you mobile device from a remote PC.  In relation to that a normal multimedia phone now can be use as iPhone spycam.  

How do they do that?  First you need a iPhone camera spy software.  There are many spyware you can find it at the top of my  blog.  You need to Jailbreak first your iPhone. After that, you have to choose your spy surveillance software,. Next you need to download and install the spy application.  Finally you can now monitor every activities on the phone from any remote computer connected on the internet.

The result is you have now an iPhone spy cam.  These spy camera applications allows you to connect to your mobile in real time.  You can see the actual screen of the phone as if you were there controlling the device.  Once you connect your Computer to the phone you can do whatever you like for example record videos, take pictures, read messages, read chat messages and many more!  It is now an instant iPhone spy camera surveillance gadget.

Since you can do everything on the phone you turn it into a CCTV iPhone web camera as well.  You can watch in real time the videos where your iPhone camera is pointed to.

There are a lot of features you can get from subscribing in to  a iPhone spy apps.  You can track the location of the iPhone.  You could read all the contacts saved in the phone book.  You could even use use it as bugging device.  You can turn on the microphone from your PC and listen to the phone surroundings.

There are many ways how you can take advantage of these features.  First you can now monitor your kids.  You can track your employees.  You can verify if your spouse is cheating on you.  They cannot hide anymore!

Please use these iPhone spy camera applications without violating any laws.  As we all know there is a privacy law.

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zeve leroy said...

it is very informative post.iphone camera to spy some one is best option.from where we can download this spy software.

Fouad Al Moghraby said...

please someone tell me from were we can download this spy software ????????

Fouad Al Moghraby said...

please someone help me and contact me on my mail for more info

gigs said...

Download here the iPhone spy cam here.
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