Sunday, April 21, 2013

StealthGenie: Phone Call Conversation Recording Application Software

Today's mobile phones are loaded with high technology applications, and StealthGenie is one of them. It is not just an ordinary mobile phone application. StealthGenie is a must for every Android, iPhone or Blackberry user because it is used for tracking or finding the location of a mobile phone. It is also like a GPS system for the user wherever he brings the gadget. Furthermore, it is the most likely ally for eavesdroppers or spies who would like to use the software as a phone call conversation recording application.

What is a StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is a software program that lets the user monitor the activities of a mobile phone without any chance of detection. It is the stealthy operator of the mobile phone unit that does not show any symbols or signs that it has been installed in a unit. Only the installer of the software program knows its existence on a mobile unit.

StealthGenie works silently in the background. Every time a person uses the mobile phone, it sends an encoded message to a main server that stores this information in the application user's account for future use. The software user can just sit back in the confines of his home and watch how the software does its marvelous job.

What mobile units can be installed with the software?

As of now, StealthGenie can be installed in the following mobile units:

• iPhone OS 2.x to 6.x models
• Android 2.1 and higher
• Blackberry OS 4.6 and higher

The software is continuously updated to keep up the pace with newer and more sophisticated mobile gadgets. An application subscriber can get an updated version of the software from the website at a minimum cost.

What can StealthGenie do for the user?

Employers who want to monitor the company mobile phone’s usage have used StealthGenie often. It can track the time of a phone call and conversation without the knowledge of the person using the phone. It also has a call recording feature that lets the user know if a mobile unit is used for business or personal pleasure.

For parents who would like to monitor their children's activities, the StealthGenie is a good aide. The software helps the parents know the calls their children received and made. It can also read SMS that their children have received and sent. An amazing feature of this software is that, messages can still be read even after they were erased from the mobile phone. Nothing certainly escapes from the eyes and ears of this fantastic software.

What are the other things the software can do?

This amazing software can do multiple tasks for the user. They are as follows:

• Tracking Phone Calls – it can see the inbound and outbound calls with their mobile numbers. It also records the number of times a call has been made, received and the number of minutes lasted. Most companies employed this software to deter their employees from using the mobile phone for personal use, rather than for business purposes. The companies, then, can save a lot of money from those personal calls.

• Tracking messages – it can read outgoing and incoming messages, even if the phone user erases them from the unit. This is particularly useful for people who would want to know their spouses' phone messages.

• GPS Tracking System – with the use of Google Maps, it can show the exact location of the mobile phone. Parents can use this software on their children's mobile phones to know their current whereabouts.

• Access phone book – it can see every phone number in the memory of the mobile phone.

• Monitor emails – it can log incoming and outgoing emails. It also shows the time and the date of the messages being sent and received.

• Tracking the URL – it can let the user see what websites the phone user is browsing. This is particularly helpful for parents who would want their children to avoid any obscene and violent websites.

• Photo Sharing – it will upload all photos obtained by the mobile phone's camera where the software user can view them.

While StealthGenie is undetectable to the phone user, it can also do the following:

  • It is capable of recording all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It can record the mobile and phone numbers that were called and being called too.
  • The software user can access all the recorded calls on the StealthGenie control panel as long as there is an internet connection.
  • The software user can download these recordings to the computer or at any time can listen straight from the control panel.

 Where can a person get the StealthGenie software?

The name of the product may sound very sophisticated, yet StealthGenie installation is actually very simple. Follow these easy steps and StealthGenie will be installed in a matter of minutes.

Go to the website where StealthGenie can be purchased online. Once done, the user will receive an email that will initiate setting up the system, like making the username and password, a web address for the StealthGenie applications, and its license key.
• Install the software to the mobile phone a user wishes to monitor. Just follow the user-friendly instructions from the website. Take note that the instructions vary from the type of mobile phone a user wishes to spy on.
• The StealthGenie software is now ready for use! The user now can access all the information that he needs without the knowledge of the phone user. The user will just have to sit in front of the computer and watch as the software does its work.

Its incomparable software and membership fees are truly one of the world's best-valued investments. It has a very low monthly payments of 19.99$ or 0.64$/day. I’m sure you would not think twice using this software in exchange of the security and peace of mind upon set up of this amazing spyware. The software is perfectly safe and legal to use. Visit a top website now and install this astounding software on the mobile phones. With this software, a person no longer needs to eavesdrop another person's calls. Its phone call conversation recording applications will get the job done, fast and stealthily.


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