Wednesday, April 17, 2013

7 Ways to Track or Find Mobile phone location

Ever wondered how to track or find mobile phone location? If you have kids growing up and you are starting to feel that you’re being left out, then you have probably felt doing this. Knowing what your child is doing or where he is going is not about stalking, it’s satisfying your need of security for your own kids. Young people today are very independent and they tend to be very clumsy sometimes. Their impulse actions sometimes bring them danger. But with modern technology, parents can now feel calm by using an application which can track a mobile location, like the Spybubble.

Spybubble uses a technology which helps its users find all the information that they need such as GPS locations, text messages, and phone calls. It works anywhere and anytime because it can be accessed on any web browser. If you want to know where your children are, or who he has been talking with recently, you can find it all without worrying if he suspects or not because this application is undetectable.

Track or Find Mobile phone location in 7 ways:

1. Call tracking - Call tracking is a feature of the Spybubble where you can see the phone numbers or contacts registered on your children’s call logs. You will also be able to see which numbers have called them twice or who your children recently talked to. You will also be able to see the number of calls made from each number to your child’s phone, as well as the time that the calls were made, and the duration of the calls made. In addition, if the number is registered on your child’s phone memory, you will be able to see the registered name of the caller.

2. SMS tracking – SMS tracking is a feature where you can access the messaging folder of your child’s phone. By logging in to your Spybubble account, you will be able to read all the messages sent and received from the mobile phone you registered. You don’t have to worry about the messages deleted by the phone holder, because the system will still be able to read them. This is one of the good features since you are able to monitor if there are people bullying or harassing your children, or who is with him in case he didn’t get home on time.

3. GPS location tracking – with GPS location tracking, you will be able to track the exact phone location and position of your child or his phone. By using Google Maps, finding where your child is will be very easy you can even see the address and postal codes, and you can even get driving directions. So, with this feature, you will surely find out if your child is at the school library or if he actually skipped class and went to the mall with his friends.

4. Phone book access – Spybubble gives you access the phone book of your child’s phone. You will be able to see every contact number of all the people registered or saved on your child’s phone memory. With this feature, you will be able to contact everyone in his class and find out who he spent his days with over the past weeks.

5. Email tracking – Email tracking is a unique feature offered by Spybubble. For most phones, access to emails is now possible. In a normal situation, once you have confiscated your child’s phone, you wouldn’t know if they are having secret conversations over the internet, since you won’t have access to their emails without knowing their passwords. But with Spybubble it is possible. You can monitor all outgoing and incoming emails on your child’s mobile device by simply accessing your account on any browser.

6. URL tracking – with URL tracking, you will be able to see all the links of websites visited on the browser of the cell phone. This is feature is very much useful as you will be able to monitor if your child has been visiting sites which are prohibited and can give bad influence on your child.

7. Photo tracking – with Photo tracking, you can see all the photos being sent and received over the phone. Spybubble uploads all of these photos on a web browser where you can view them. Another way of checking on your child’s activities and companions.

With all these great features, Spybubble still has to offer. Additional features which can be enjoyed on the pro version are call listening and environment listening. Both of these features use the Spybubble Pro software. With call listening feature, you will be able to listen to all phone conversations. You can stop all the guessing and learn the truth yourself. Environment listening will also help you be involved with your child’s activities. With this feature, you can find out where your child is and what kind of surrounding he is in.

So, if you ever asked yourself, “Is there a way to track my child’s whereabouts?”, then you already found the answer to your question. You won’t ever have to worry about who your child talks to all the time, what they talk about, or what places they go to, because this software can do it all for you. Aside from learning about all these stuff about your child, you are also protecting him at the same time. With all the wonderful features of the mobile tracking software, you surely wouldn’t miss any significant text or call made or sent on your child’s mobile device.

Now that you know this, it is time for you to make an action and secure yourself and your child. Knowing what your child is up to will give you peace of mind. You can’t just fully trust something that was said, you need to know for yourself. If you look at your child with his phone, find it very intriguing, then have no second thoughts and learn the steps on how to track or find mobile phone location now. This will be a great move for you and your child. You will not only feel secured but peaceful as well.

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