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Record Phone Call on iPhone 4s: StealthGenie Features Measure Up

Record Phone Call on iPhone 4s: StealthGenie Features Measure Up

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At this time and age, spying comes with a new definition. With the use of modern spy tools, one no longer needs to have their eyes glued on the target person. This modern tool is spy software. This kind of tool, does not work on its own. As with any other software, it needs to be installed on mobile devices like iPhones to utilize its functions. And one of the many services it offers is to let you record phone call on iPhone 4s or on any Android phones and other smartphones.

Of course, one does not pry on another’s life without a sensible reason. One may just want to uncover the truth that seems to be hidden in the dark for the longest time. Especially when it comes to your spouse, secrets could be very critical, in every sense of the word, to your relationship. Critical in the sense that is is essential to preserve the relationship and critical in the sense that it can jeopardize the relationship as secrets can make one’s trust crumble down. Or one might just want to check on their kids to get them out of trouble’s way.

Spy softwares are meant to divulge facts that one needs to reveal somebody’s skeletons in the closet. By how? One way is to record phone call on iPhone 4s. Spying is now done with the use of smartphones such as the phenomenal iPhone to communicate with other people. Almost all kinds of communication can be made with the iPhone. So one could really juice out some facts when bugging somebody’s phone using spy softwares. And one known leading name in this industry is StealthGenie.

How Does It Work?
StealthGenie is an iPhone spy software that allows one to track all activites that of somebody’s iPhone. Spying the phone is likely the easiest way to get what someone is up to including its location at current times. There’s nothing to ask for more, when all the work is done for you without a hitch.
This spy software is able to record phone call in iPhone 4s and other units and devices through its up-to-date spying technology. When installed in an iPhone, all of the phone’s activity are transmitted to to the stealth genie server and then uploaded to your StealthGenie account online.

StealthGenie Features On iPhone
• View and read sent and received messages, even the deleted ones, and also redirect SMS
• Track location through GPS; view location history and travel routes
• Read sent and received emails and view list of email contacts
• View and read chats (WhatsApp, iMessage, BBM)
• Access to multimedia files: view photos, listen to audio and watch videos from the monitored iPhone
• Listen to calls live and record phone call in iPhone 4s and other devices; view call history
• Access to web browsing history; view wep pages that your target is visiting and view bookmarks
• Listen to surroundings of the phone and record it
• View the schedule of the one who is spied on by access to calendar entries and address book
• Alerts will be given to the spy when the target phone has its SIM changed; alerts on use of specific words and numbers are also provided
• Ability to lock phone and wipe data remotely

This spy software can do a multitude of spying tasks, without the knowledge of the user of the target phone, including the ability to record phone call on iPhone 4s and all the rest are mentioned above. When you thought all is going well between you and your spouse, you might have thought wrong. You can get the absolute truth by busting out secrets that has long been kept from you through spy softwares. People get to lie at times and we know that lying turns out to be a lifeblood in certain cases. But people should only do it at certain extents. But when it comes to your spouses,which is supposedly your confidant, lying is something that should not be done to them.

Stealth genie is not just to bust out the lies of your spouse but also serves for other purposes like protecting your kids. And one way that StealthGenie could be of help is to record phone call on iPhone 4s of your child, which will let what kind of conversation your child is having with other people. The environment is very crucial for your kids’ development and safety. We know that the lives of children do not just revolve around the family and the house but on outside forces and environments as well. And by that, parents don’t get to keep an eye on their kids when they are out of the house as one can never be sure of the safety of their kids when they are out of sight. Here is where the need for spying enters.Through the ability of spywares to record phone call on iPhone 4s or with any of the latest handsets and the latest mobile devices, a parent will know what kind of people his/her kid hangs out with. Spy softwares will provide all the info one needs to know to ensure the safety of their kids.

Another purpose that this spy software serves is for monitoring employees at work. The staff of a company somehow serves as the building blocks of a business. In worst cases, an employee may be involved in a conspiracy and could be in cahoots to the company’s competitors to damage the business. By utilizing features of the spy software like to record phone call on iPhone 4s, one may be assured that no member of the staff is jeopardizing the whole company. One could also make use of spy softwares to monitor if their employees are utilizing their work hours rightly when in the office. And by that one would know the productivity of the employee, enabling you to assess if he/she is right for the given position.

Perks of StealthGenie
• You can monitor and track any iPhone wherever you are
• Very cheap! Price is even less than an a cup of coffee from luxury cafes
• StealthGenie has the most innovating spying features and one is to record phone calls on iPhone 4s as with any other iPhone units, BB devices and Android devices.
• One can monitor more than one iPhone units simultaneously
• StealthGenie is purely undetectable by the monitored phone user
• Easy and hassle-free to use and install
• Backed up by 24/7 customer service live support
• Purchase is backed up by money back guarantee
• This spy software has served over a hundred thousand satisfied customers
• StealthGenie is compatible with any unit of iPhone and any mobile network

One need not worry about the compatibility of the software to their handsets. If you are using up to date smartphones with platforms like Android, iOS or BlackBerry, then there is nothing to be wary of because StealthGenie works with all of them. With the use of StealthGenie, one can record phone call in iPhone 4s or in any other iPhone units plus more features that would enable one to experience spying at its

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