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Is it possible to put spy program on iphone 4s?

Is it possible to put spy program on iphone 4s?

spy iphone 4s

Here is another question that were sent to my mail box.  He is asking.  Is it possible to put spy program on iphone 4s?  The answer to the question is Yes and No.  Why?  See my explanation why there are two answers to his questions.

Yes - I say it is possible because through the advancement of technology today, we can now install a spy program into the phone as easy as walking in the park.  When a mobile spy software is installed, you can monitor every phone activity without any trace from the phone owner.

Here are the list which phone activity you monitor:
  • SMS sent and received
  • Phone calls received together with the logs
  • Pictures and videos created in the phone memory
  • Chat messages like whatsapp messenger and many more
  • Emails sent and received
  • Phone book stored on the phone memory
  • Visited URL's and website by the phone internet browser
  • You can track the real time location of the phone
Advance features allows you to listen to phone conversation and record phone surroundings.  See best way to spy on iPhone 4s for more information.

No - I say no because if the phone owner initially put a security password into the phone spying would be impossible.  The person who want to monitor the phone will have a hard time to install the spy software unless the phone owner voluntarily give the phone password.  So if you want to keep your phone safe and secure from any stalker or hacker or from any person who want to invade your privacy, you must and always not to lend your phone to any one.  Mobile phone spy software can be easily installed within 5 - 10 minutes depending on the expertise of the hacker.  Once the spy program is installed you will never know that your are spied throughout the day or in your entire life.  To keep your phone safe always put a security password and screen guard password.

If you think that a spyware is installed into your phone here are the things you must observe and do to remove and uninstall it.
  1. First you must observe if your phone is doing its own thing.  For example if the phone connect to the internet even not in used.  You should know that phone spy software use the 3G or internet connection in order to upload the data gathered from your phone.
  2. Your phone discharge easily.  Since the phone is running another software in the background.  It consumes a lot of power and this can drain your battery even for a day.
  3. If you suspect this things  happen to your phone.  You must first backup all your important data like Phonebook, photos, videos etc.  Once data is secured just make a phone hard reset.
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