Tuesday, October 23, 2012

StealthGenie: The Best SMS Application for iPhone 2012

The latest model of iPhone comes with new features and SMS applications that would surely give the user several unimaginable advantages. This gadget has been an ally of people who come from different sectors. Since the smart phone is very useful, users have to deal with it with proper care and utilize its very essence. Good thing that StealthGenie has already released their latest innovation which is both the best SMS application and best mobile tracking tool.

Best SMS Application for iPhone 2012


Whether it is the phone you care about or your loved ones or employees, it does not really matter because StealthGenie will deliver you an application with high functionality. Upon installation and log-in, it lets you read all the text messages and calls made and received from the phone of the target without even holding the phone. The name and number of the sender and recipient will also be revealed.

The best SMS app for iPhone has special feature that gives you alerts everytime a trigger word is detected. For instance, you want to be aware if your son is drug dealing with someone. You can use drugs as trigger word. If you are accusing your employee of doing illegal transactions, you may use boss or top secret as your trigger word.

Keep an eye on your loved ones without going where they are. Ensure that your child is not abusing the uses of his iPhone and that your employee is not doing transactions behind your back by tracking all their emails, messages and calls. StealthGenie can also give the GPS location of the phone so that you will know if your target is lying about his location.

StealthGenie also gives access to all the contact numbers saved in the phone. When those numbers called or sent a message, you will be notified immediately. If you want to know more about their latest offerings, you can always visit their web page. Buying their software is very easy and in just a starting price of $8.33 per month, you will be freed of your doubts and 24/7 verification of your target is guaranteed. Spread the good news and be of help.

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