Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jelly Bean update finally hitting Samsung Galaxy SIII

If you are one of the tech savvy crowds, surely you must want to grab hold of the hottest and latest stuff the tech world has to offer. For all those android smartphones owners, what would be a good catch right now is the up-to-the-minute Jelly bean OS Android version. 

Jelly Bean update finally hitting Samsung Galaxy SIII


We have seen leaks of Samsung Galaxy S III having the Jelly Bean update has kept patrons anticipating much until now. It seems such dismay that the pepping up of the SIII has not gone official yet. It was speculated before that the update on SIII supposedly will be outed August of this year. But it was not until October that Samsung have released the SIII updated with jelly Bean.

It sounds like good news, but unfortunately not for everybody. It has been rolling out in the Europe regions but not yet in US. It definitely dismays SIII owners in US who have been looking forward for the update since the leaks had burst out in the tech scene. On the bright side, Galaxy S III users in France, Romania, Spain and Austria are now up for the jelly bean update.

Compared to the former version, Jelly Bean otherwise known as Android 4.1.1 has been reported to have the same build, I9300XXDLIH. To add up, the update will weigh 318.58MB. Having the update will bring a new home screen to your device and a lot more perks.

You would know when your Galaxy SIII is ready for the firmware update through OTA notification. If you are not much of a waiter, or maybe the anticipation is just killing you, you can check out sources in the internet for a compatible ROM that will prompt the notification. But chances arethat it may put you at risk. Better to just wait, Jelly Bean update will eventually hit your Galaxy S III.


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