Friday, June 22, 2012

Best spy apps for Android

Android is the new OS used in today’s smart phones.  And I am sure that most of the phone you would like to spy is Android operated system.  Here are the best spy apps for Android you must use.  Check it here.

Before I discuss to you the spy software, let me show you first how you can use these best spy apps to solve your daily problems at home or at work.

At home:

If you are being paranoid why your son is getting failed grades or low grades, then this could be your ultimate solution.  Parenting is one of the most important things you must not take for granted.  Aside from taking care of your children daily needs like food, shelter and clothing you must give some time of taking care of them.  You should see or bring them to school if you have extra time.  You should take them home if you could.  These moments are very important because this the time where you two could talk, bond, share ideas and happy moments.  Now if you are a busy Father, is it a must that at least you have a tool to monitor them anytime and anywhere?  The best way to track your kids is through their phones.  Since you are the one who bought the android phone why not install an application that will report to you how your son doing at school or at home.

At work:

Isn’t it great that even you are at work you can still spy on your kids?  These spy software is a nice tools which allows you to track the phone from anywhere in the world.  All you need is a gadget or computer that can connect to the internet.  Another important advantage of using android spy apps is it allows you to track each and every employee in your organization.  This is handy especially if you want to scale the performance of your employees.

Android spy apps feature:

•    SMS tracking – great for knowing almost every detail of messages coming in and out of the phone.  We all know that text messaging is one of the most used communications in mobile phone.

•    Call logging - This allows you to log every cell phone numbers that received or every calls made.  It includes the date and time calls were made.  For advance features, look for call recording or environment recording.  This is really useful in knowing which of your employees are using company’s resources for personal use.

•    Location tracking – Using the spy software and the GPS embedded on the phone, you can monitor the whereabouts of the cell phone for the whole day.  This is useful in finding your daughter if she’s not yet home in the middle of the night.

•    There are tremendous features you should check like monitoring internet activity, sending SMS command to the phone and many more!

To learn more about by best spy apps for android:

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