Sunday, September 2, 2012

iPhone spy software without jailbreaking

iPhone spy software without jailbreaking is a reality now! Remember that using a spy app you must have a jailbroken prior to installation? Well not anymore! You can spy without jailbreaking or installing software to your target phone. You do not even need to have physical access to your target phone! Find out how.

iPhone spy software without jailbreaking


• Do you want to spy on your iPhone without the need to jailbreak it?
• Do you want to spy on your iPhone without altering any features or installing any software on your target phone?
• You don’t have physical access to your target phone?

Here is a new technology where you are not required to jailbreak your target. You don’t even need to have physical access to your target phone. Yes you read it right! This software is amazing and is so intelligent that it will work with just simple steps that you have to follow. This software is used by special organizations and top secret spy in not so far days and is now accessible to you!
Without further introductions I highly recommend “Cell tracker Spy software”. So far it is the only spy software in the industry that can track mobile phone without physical contact to your target phone. It can monitor Smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, and Windows mobile. Are you curious how it works?

It is very simple. First of all you must use it only to any phone that you own. Second register here and you will immediately receive a download link to your email. Then using your monitoring phone which is must be jailbroken prior to installation. Browse to the internet download and install. Make a 30 seconds phone call to your target phone. This time the phone should not be answered. This process is to allow pairing from your monitoring phone to your target phone. Finally you will receive every phone activity directly to your monitoring phone.

For example if your target phone send or receive a text message you will receive a buzz and a copy of that message. It includes the content, date and time messages where send and received. You can have a backup copy to your phone even if the phone user intentionally DELETED the text messages from his phone to hide something from you. When the phone user make a phone call you will receive a buzz and you can immediately listen to their live phone conversations. This is very handy if you want to catch on the act lying child or stealing employee.

There are so many features offers by Cell tracker to learn more visit: Cell tracker spy software

Latest News!

Retina-X has just released a spy software that allows you to monitor your Apple iPhone and iPad gadget. PhoneSheriff Phone/Tablet Investigator Edition allows you to monitor your iPhone with no jailbreak required on your part.  No need to figure out how to Jailbreak your iPhone or spend extra cash for having your iPhone jailbroken.  It is easy to install and you don't need to setup or do anything on your smartphone settings.  The application supports iPhone running on iOS 5.x,6.x and 7.x and iPad  on iOS 5.x,6.x and 7.x

Which smartphone activity can be tracked?
a.  Text messages
b.  Call history
c.  Pictures
d.  Contacts
e.  Notes
f.  Account info
g.  Safari bookmarks
h.  GPS Locations

How does it work?

First you need to activate the icloud service on your iPhone or iPad tablet, then download and install PhoneSheriff Investigator on your PC.  Right after your smartphone or iPad is backup to the cloud, you can utilized the software to check on every activity of your device.

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stef255 said...

hi here it says i do not need to jailbreak the iphone i monitor but once on the website of the software it seems i have to
.. is there really a way to insta it without having to jailbreak the phone, cuz i do not have access to the phone at all...

gigs said...

What you need to jailbreak is the cell phone you need to use to monitor your target phone. It is needed for you to install cell tracker to your monitoring which later on will be use to track your target phone.

You target does not need to be jailbroken. It can be track without physical access too. Using your monitoring phone which is jailbreak and cell tracker was installed, you need to make a 30s missed call to synchronize the two phone.

Now if your target phone has activity like SMS, phone calls, etc it will be automatically send to your monitoring phone. You will receive a buzz from every phone activity.

Dan Graves said...

So I have to jailbreak my phone, but the phone I am spying on does not need to be jailbroken, is that correct? I have no access to the phon

Edward Presto said...

@dan graves

Yes. You are correct!

Beth Huard said...

Will this work for a iphone 5?

Edward Presto said...

Not yet supported.

~~ said...

will this work if monitoring phone is android and target phone is iPhone 4 with ios6?

joe sita said...

can i use an iphone5 once jailbroken, to monitor an iphone4s?

Edward Presto said...

This software doesn't work for iPhone 5 as of today. We'll need to wait for the next update. For the meantime you can install spy software for iPhone 5 using this software provided that your target phone is jailbroken.

Anonymous said...

If the monitoring phone is a jail-broken iPhone 4S, can the target phone be an iPhone 5, since there's no need to install anything on the target phone?

Can 1 monitoring phone be used for 2 target phones (iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, both not jail-broken)?

Is GPRS required on the target phone for this to work?

Teri Byars said...

Is there a way to protect my phone from this software?

Anonymous said...

can I install on a I phone 3 and spy on a 5?

Edward Presto said...

Nope you will install the software on the target phone.

Latest news! You can now spy on iPhone without Jailbreaking or installing software to the target phone using this newest software. Go here Phone Sheriff Investigator

Edward Presto said...

Yes this is possible now using RetinaX Phone Sheriff Investigator.

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