Sunday, September 2, 2012

iPhone spy cam to track target phone

Turn your iPhone cam into spy tool to track target phone. This tool is very handy if you want to know the people around your target phone user.

iPhone spy cam to track target phone


• Do you want to view the pictures taken by your target iPhone?
• Do you want to know the date and time it was taken?
• Do you want see who are the people in contact with the phone user?

Pictures taken can be very powerful information you can hold on to. It can save your daughter from online predators or your company from stealing employees. It can also be used as evidence if you want to confront your lying teenager or your lazy employees too. Do you want to know how?
First of all you will need spy software. I highly recommend “Spybubble spy software”. It is proven working, cheap, powerful and reliable software. Next you will need to register to get the software. Go here to register. Then you will receive a download link from your email. Using the iPhone you are going to spy, browse the download link, download and proceed to installation. Follow onscreen instructions. Finally handover the phone to the person you want under your radar.

You can give it to your kids or teenagers. You can also give it to your employee as phone service. Now whenever they use the phone to take a picture of a significant person, places or thing you will have an idea how, where and who are the target phone in contact with.

This information can be very helpful if you see any suspicious people in your teenager phone. You can immediately warn your teens or make some solutions without her knowing. You are doing this to protect them from any event that may harm them especially if you have teenage daughter.
This spying pictures app can also help you see if your employees are seeing people like your business competitors without your knowledge. You will know if your top secret information is sold by your stealing employees.

Using the spy cam software to track any iphone can be very useful in so many ways. Actually monitoring pictures is only just a part of its big great pictures of features. You can also playback recorded videos, track sms, monitor calls and many more!

To learn more visit: Spybubble spy software

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