Monday, August 13, 2012

How to receive other peoples text messages for iphone using cydia app tutorial

Here is a revolutionary way of receiving other people’s text messages to your iphone using cydia app.  Monitor any mobile phone using your smart iPhone.  No need to buy additional spy equipment!

How to receive other peoples text messages for iphone using cydia app tutorial


•    Do you want to received text messages from others peoples phone SMS?
•    You don’t want to buy additional spy equipment and you just want to use your iPhone?
•    Which people you want to spy?

Spying on someone text messages is illegal unless you own the phone.  There are many instances where you can use this technology.  First you can use it to monitor your kids mobile usage.  Second you can use it when you want to track the performance of your employees.  Finally you can use it to find out the truth if your spouse is cheating on you!  Check this app that help you spy on other peoples text messages.

Using cell tracker software you can read every text messages coming in and out of the phone you want to spy.  This software supports variety of smartphones.  These are iPhones, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Symbian Os.  All the SMS will be receive by your iPhone.  The moment their phone is under use you will receive a buzz signaling that you have a new message coming from the phone under surveillance.

Cell tracker is the new technology in spying.  Unlike the conventional spyware, cell tracker sends all the information directly to your iPhone or any phone you want to use.  You don’t need any internet connection just to see the logs.  This saves you from recurring expenses due to bandwidth use from their servers.  Cell tracker will ask just a onetime payment for you with no additional fees or hidden charges.  You can also track as many phones as you want.  Isn’t it that cheap?

Cell tracker can be installed without any physical access to the phone.  It works in stealth mode.  It means that the person under spy wouldn’t see any clue that he’s under radar.  Dial the phone you want to monitor within 30 sec without answering the phone to allow pairing and rest is done by the software itself.   

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Anonymous said...

This does not work on my iPad, sorry :/

gigs said...

Thanks for the comment.
As of today iPad is not yet supported.

"Will it work on my phone?
Cell Tracker works on all SmartPhones which run the BlackBerry, iPhone (needs to be jailbroken), Android (needs converting of file extensions), Palm OS, Symbian OS or Windows Mobile operating system manufactured upto April 2012."

Tool26 said...

How can I remove or block Someone from using this on my account ?

Edward Presto said...

@tool26 always put a password on your smartphone.

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