Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to download spyware from cydia

In this tutorial you will learn how to download spyware from cydia.  After you download you need to proceed to installation.  Set up in less than 20 minutes!

how to download spyware from cydia

•    Do you want to know how to download cydia spyware?
•    Which spyware you want to use?
•    How to set up?

Downloading cydia spyware is not a rocket science.  You can download it without any degree in software or even training in computer.  You just need your Smartphone and a little knowledge how to operate it.  I’m sure you are familiar with your mobile phone.  Since you bought it you were able to use it from sending and receiving text messages, making phone calls and browsing the internet.  These skills are all you need prior to installation.

Before you download you must first determine which spyware service you want to use.  Actually there are many cell phone spy software around the internet to choose from.  I you will let me recommend to you the “Spybubble software”.   Why?  It is because is very easy to use.  It is easy to install and has so many great monitoring features.  Another great thing about Spybubble is it’s cheap and can track as many cell phone as you want in onetime payment only.  Yes you read it right.  With just one payment you can spy variety of mobile like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.  No additional charges and no hidden fees!

Installation is less than 20 minutes!  First you need to register here.  After registration you will receive from your email the download link and detailed instructions.  Now, using the phone you want to monitor open the browser and go to the download link.  Proceed to downloading and installation.  Follow the onscreen instructions.  Finally handover the phone to person you want to monitor.  It could be your kids, your employees or spouse which you suspect cheating on you.

To learn more visit:  Spybubble software or start to download now!

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