Monday, July 16, 2012

Spy gadget app for iPhone – Transform your iPhone into spy gadget

Spy app gadget makes your iPhone more amazing.  It does not only add security but incredible features as well.  Transform your iPhone into a spy gadget right now!

spy gadget for iPhone


•    Do you want to own a spy gadget without buying additional equipment?
•    Do you want to know the additional features you will get after transforming your iPhone into spy gadget?
•    How can you benefit from using it?

I am sure you are amaze in spy movie “James Bond” where the main character was able to gather data secretly about his subject.  He uses different kinds of spy gadgets to listen, get some pictures or simply get the evidence he need.  If you want to buy this kind of spy gadgets think twice.  There is no need to buy additional equipment where in fact the spy gadget is right on your palm, your mobile phone iPhone.

Yes you can have spy gadget simply by adding additional application to your iPhone.  The very reason you want to use the iPhone because it is always used by you or the person you want to put on radar.  It works in the background that he would not think that he’s under surveillance.  It is completely in stealth mode.  No additional sounds, no beeps, no additional process can be found on the phone system.

Using the spy gadget app you will be able to gather data like incoming and outgoing text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, pictures taken, videos recorded, chat messages and browse history.  You will have access to phone book or cell phone contacts recorded on the phone memory.  There is more, through the advancement of technology you can listen to live phone calls conversations.  If you need the evidence to you can straight away record the conversation easily.  You can even track the phone location using the GPS technology embedded on the iPhone.

These features are very handy.  You can use it in monitoring your children at home or at school.  You can keep track of them and see to it that they are always wherever they are.  You will know at once if your kids have problems like bullying at school or if your teenager daughter is courting by strangers.  You can easily help your kids’ problems or keep them safe before a tragedy comes in.  This is also useful in tracking your problematic employee.  You will know if any of them are stealing from your company.  You will know if someone is selling company’s secret information to your competitors.  You will be always ahead of them.  Prevent your company from premature closing using this spyware.

Overall this spyware gives freedom from time in tracking or monitoring anyone since every data are immediately uploaded to your user account online.  You can track them wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet.  You will stop from worrying thinking that your employees are doing something behind your back.  You will have peace of mind that your children are safe and sound where you may be.

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