Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to be a spy with cydia spyware – applications you need

To be a spy with cydia spyware here are the applications you will need.  First to consider is the application must be stealth.  It should be sneaky and silent.  Find out more here.

be a spy with cydia spyware


•    So do you want to be a spy using cydia software?
•    Do you like to be “James Bond” the great detective of all time?
•    What to choose in a cydia spy app?

Spying nowadays is getting easier. Through the advancement in technology the impossible is now a reality!  If you will see it from the beginning spying takes time and effort.  You need to enroll a course where you need to learn the basic.  After college you will have to join the FBI, CIA or private security to enhance and put your knowledge into action.  It is a long, long, long way.

But not anymore, using a cydia spy app life will be easier.  Earning the spy title is easy as 1 2 and 3.  You need not to undergo intensive training or waste 2 or more years study.  These only apply if you want to spy on your targets phones.  In fact you can get the evidence you need in just 15 minutes! 
What are the features you should see in choosing cydia spyware?  As I mention before it should be stealthy.  Next it must be capable to monitor SMS text messages.  This will give the information of text content going in and out of the phone, time and date exchange of messages were made.  It should be able to monitor phone calls.  This includes the date, time and cell phone numbers used.  If you want to monitor phone location with the target person, check the GPS location tracking.  This will give a bird’s eye view of the whereabouts of the person under spy.

The three features mentioned above are enough to gather information from phone.  There are a lot more astounding features.  To learn more visit: be spy with cydia spyware or download now!

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