Friday, July 6, 2012

Call and SMS tracker cydia – two most important phone features to spy

If there is anything and most important data you should spy are the text messages and calling.  All you need is call and SMS tracker in cydia to find the truth and finally relieve you from all anxiety.

call and sms tracker cydia


•    Do you want to spy on the text messages from your iPhone or iPad?
•    Do you want to know who are the people have been called during the day?
•    Do you want to get the evidence you need?

If you want to spy on an iPhone and iPad all you need are the logs from text messages and calls and everything will be revealed to you!

If you can access the SMS messages, you will be able to read all the text going in and out of the phone.  You will know the cell phone numbers and the names assigned to it.  Since all the communications are pass though SMS you will know the entire activities the phone user is up to.  When messages are deleted to intentionally hide something from you, this sms tracker will do the job for you.  You will be able to retrieve even the deleted text messages and find out they are doing against you behind your back.

If you want to catch them on the act then the call tracker is the answer.  Tracking phone calls includes the cell phone numbers, names assigned to it, date and time call was made.  You will be able to listen to the phone calls and find out if there is irregularity happening.  You can use it also as bugging device.  Just activate the microphone of the target phone and you will be able to record the surroundings.

Call and sms tracker cydia is your spy tool in monitoring you kids and employees.  This great if you want to check on your children even if you are at the office.  You can monitor them anytime using any computer of gadget that can connect to the internet.  Logging in to the site you will see all the sms and call activity on the phone.  Logs can be used as evidence in confronting your dishonest employee.

It is high time now to end your worries and anxiety!  No more uneasy feeling that something bad might happen to your kids!  Get the evidence!  Find the truth!

To know more visit call and sms tracker or download now!

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