Friday, July 20, 2012

Cydia mobile monitoring software – guard your business from problematic employees

Cydia mobile monitoring software is a great application you want to install on your iPhone or iPad.  It adds more functions and features that are very helpful especially if you want to watch company grow and to monitor your employees round the clock during business hours.

cydia mobile monitoring software


•    Do you think that your employees are slacking during business hours?
•    Do you think that your employees using their company’s provided phone for personal use?
•    Do you want to catch the thief in your company who sell top secret information to your competitors?

If you really want to concentrate on how to flourish your business then you must first solve your employee problem.  Employees are the key to unlock the door to endless income and wealth if you succeed to tame them.  If you can’t control and manage tricky employees, then you must remove any of them that only add to your company problem.

Cydia monitoring software for cell phone is great in solving this kind of problem.  Most companies provide cell phones to their employee for fast and easy flow of task and information throughout the day.  If you do, you are on the right track.  Installation is easy and straight forward.  I’m sure your iPhone is already jailbroke because this software will not work unless it is jailbroken.  First register to the website that provides monitoring software and services.  Hold now the phone you want to track.  Using the browser go to the download link provided for you upon registration.  Download and install.  During the installation follow the onscreen instructions.  Finally hand over the phone to your employee.

Now login to your online account and see all the logs created from every use of their cell phones.  Here are the things you will see from their logs.

•    Send and receive text messages
•    Incoming and outgoing calls
•    Chat messages
•    Email messages
•    Browser history
•    GPS coordinates of the phone
•    And many more!

Advance cydia monitoring spy software also includes features like listening to live phone calls and recording conversations in a room.

Now you will know if any of your employees badmouth you in their text messages.  You will know if any of your employees make long distance phone calls at the expense of your business phone bills.  You will see if they slack and chat in their phone during business hours.  You will see if any of your employees selling information to your competitors by reading their emails.  You will have more time now in focusing more on your business!

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Thanks for the comment. More and more task is done through mobile phone. That is why it is better to spy on cell phone using cydia mobile monitoring software. Today smartphones are slowly favored over than PC's.

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