Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cydia app to track cell phones – Employers solution to employee problems

Are you a businessman or Manager?  Then this cydia app to track cell phones is an important tool for you to run your company smoothly.

cydia app to track cell phones


Every day you as manager face different problems pertaining to your business (your employees).  Your employees are vital part of your company and if they did not function according to their job, you will lose a lot of money and worst case is you will close your business.  All you need is a software that will show you and later will help you decide which of your employees are doing great job during the whole operation or which is a contributing a great loss to your income.

•    Do you want to know how they use their privileges in making phone calls using their company provided service cell phone?
•    Do you want to know if which of your employees are leaking confidential information to your competitors?
•    Do you to track your employees outside your office?

These are only some of the problems may arise in operating your business.  I am sure there are a lot more, don’t worry you can handle all of these.  By simply installing an application you will all those information you will need to monitor your employees.

I highly recommend to you “Spybubble spy software”.  Spybubble is a sneaky app that can track the entire information created on the phone without the knowledge of the phone user.  It works in the background.  It adds no icon, beeps, sound or any process from the system of the phone.  It is completely stealthy.  All data gathered from the phone are immediately uploaded to a computer server where you can access it using your username and password created upon registration.

If you suspect that an employee is making phone calls for personal use you can use this software.  From the logged gathered from the phone you can evaluate easily if he is really using his privileges for his own sake.  You will know the cell phone numbers, the names assigned to it and the time and date it was made.  This feature really helps you in monitoring phone calls and save decent money from increasing company phone bills. 

If you think that any of your employees are leaking confidential information, you can tap this software to help you and find out which of them is doing wrong behind your back.  This software allows you to read text messages inbound and outbound.  If the employee thinks that he’s spied he will intentionally delete all the evidence that will pin point him.  Don’t worry this software retrieve and record even the DELETED messages.  They can’t hide anything from you.

If you have workforce outside your company this software can be handy.  You will have a bird’s eye view of their location.  Using the embedded GPS and the spy software you can locate their exact position viewed in a map like software for easy tracking.  If you think that they are only wasting their time roaming around the city instead of attending to your customer then this is your solution.  This software gives you the information of the whereabouts of the phone’s user.  It includes the place, time and date during the whole day where he has been.

There are so many problems and a lot of solution this cydia tracking app can provide for you.  Visit:  Spybubble to find more great features or Download now! and start monitoring your employees.

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