Thursday, June 28, 2012

iPhone app to spy on another phone – Parents first line of defense

Here is an iPhone app so you could spy on another phone your kid’s phone.  See how this spyware help parents in monitoring their children. This will work also for all kinds of iPhone generation.  Check it here.

iphone app spy on another phone


If you want to spy on iPhone then this application will work for you.  May I remind you first that you could spy spy on any iPhone as long as you own it.  All spy software company follows some rules and laws regarding to “privacy law”.  If you use the spy app to take advantage or to break t he law you should think twice.

To continue, the Mobistealth spy software is made to help parents and employers too.  It is developed to make people life easier.  As parents you can use it to monitor your children going to school or at home. 
Mobistealth iPhone spy app helps log all communication happening on the phone.  Since you own the phone and you give it away to your kids you, just use this spy software with no hesitation.  If you have gave them an iPhone any you cannot be around them at all times installing a spy app can help you.

How this software can help you?  It is easy.  You can see the text messages which is very useful if you want to know who are the people your kids constantly texting.  You will know if they are bullied at school or someone is courting your teenage daughter.  In this way you can prevent any untoward incident that might happen to your children.  Another great thing about mobistealth any deleted text messages are log also.
If your daughter is not yet at home and it’s very late.  Never get worry again.  Using mobistealth you will know the exact location of the phone and where you could find your daughter too.  The GPS of iphone and the spy software gives you the exact location on a map where the phone could be found.  You will know the history of whereabouts of the person during the day.  This feature is very useful specially if our kid is kidnapped or lost.

If you want to catch your daughter on the act, then this software is for you.  It allows you to monitor all the calls that are happening on the phone.  You could hear every conversation taking place using your phone anywhere and anytime.  If you are still not convince on the power of this software, you could use the recording feature.  This iphone spy app lets you record every conversation you want.  You will know if your daughter is hiding something from you like if she failed her exam or if she’s pregnant!

To know more about this iPhone spy app visit Mobistealth or you can start to spy now Download here! 

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