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Best iphone 4 spyware on cydia – Choosing the right spy software for you!

Of all the spy software you can find from the internet, are there any gauge to find out which of them is the best iPhone 4 spyware on cydia?  Yes there is!  Let me guide how to find the best from all the rest.

best iphone 4 spyware
location tracking


•    Are you looking for top spy app that can help you in tracking and monitoring your iPhone 4 usage or somebody else’s
•    Do you need to monitor your spouse, child, friend or your employee?

If you want to make it sure that your hard earned money will be spent wisely you must know the different features to look for.  In this way you will be spending on the right software and not on any crap applications roaming around the internet.

How does a quality iPhone Spy app Work?

•    Track text messages – One of the most important features to look for is if it allows you to read text messages coming in and out of the phone under spy.  This is especially useful to find out every move your employees doing during business hours.  It is also helpful to find out if your kids are doing great in their school.

•    Track emails – Good spyware lets you know all the incoming and outgoing mails from the phone.  It also lets you know the content of each e-mail.

•    Track phone calls – Another thing you should consider is if the spy software can log calls.  In this way you can monitor the incoming and outgoing calls, the cell phone numbers and the names assigned to that numbers.  This is great to use to monitor long distance calls made by your employees.  Thus you can be sure that all calls are done for business purposes only.

•    Contact and Browser history access – You should expect this feature as well.  It allows you to check the contacts of the phone and see the internet usage of the phone’s user.  It is helpful especially if you want to know if your teenagers are communicating to strangers.  You can protect them and prevent any harm from any unexpected danger.  It is also useful if you want to find out if your kids are accessing pornographic or adult material on the internet.  You can easily scold them or add additional security feature on their phone to prevent them accessing for adults materials.

•    Remote control – Good spy software has this kind of feature.  It allows you to control your phone from a distance.  All you have to do is to send sms command to the phone.  It very useful at times when your phone was stolen.  You can easily backup all the important data on the phone or without difficulty you can erase the phone data at once.  Using a spyware software you can monitor the phone from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection.

•    GPS streaming – This feature is equally important to all features discussed above.  It lets you monitor the phone location.  You can find the exact place where you could see the phone’s user.  It reports to you the history and the real-time location of the phone.  You can use this when your kid is lost in the crowd or worst case scenario is if your kid is kidnapped. Using this spy software you can track your loved one’s whereabouts especially at times of trouble.

How to get the iPhone Spy App?

iPhone spy applications can be found using your Google browser.  There are so many of them and I made the research for you and hard-work to get only the best spy software for you.  I checked each reviews and even double check if it is legitimate and dependable.  I also made a background check if the developer’s reputation is good.  Also, I see to it that the customers who bought the product from them are satisfied from their customer support and quality service.  I highly recommend StealtGenie spy software.

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