Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good spy apps for iPhone on cydia – a must have for business managers

Are you looking for good spy apps for iPhone on cydia?  You can download it here!  See how you can benefit from using it in your daily activities.

good spy apps for iphone


As manager of a company it is your responsibility to handle employee problems.  Do you know that using spy software can make your job easier and fruitful for your company?

So what are these common problems you encounter from your problematic employees?

•    Long distance calls made not for business purposes.  Results high phone bills.
•    Leaking potential customers from business competitor.  Results less income.
•    Employees at site escape from work.  Since you are not at the site they tend to sluggish on their job.

What you need is the best spy iPhone applications on cydia.  Spyera spy software is the most reputable spy app you want to install on their iPhone.

Since your company is giving away iPhone for employees you as a manager has a right to install spy software on these phone.  In this situation you will not have any obligation to privacy law and you can monitor your business as well.

How it works?

•    First you need to subscribe to service of Spyera go here.  After you register you will receive a link where you can download the spy software.

•    Hold now the iPhone.  Using the browser go the download link and proceed to installation.

•    Handover the iPhone to the problematic employee.

How can you benefit?

•    Spy call and recording - You can listen to live calls and even record conversation.  It great for monitoring calls made by your employees.  You can now monitor and save money from cutting non business calls.

•    Sms tracking – You can read all the messages both incoming and outgoing.  You will know the cell phone numbers and the date and time messages were sent.  Even the messages are erase you can still read it.  Spyera immediately upload the data to the server where you can access it using your username and password created upon registration.

•    Location monitoring – You will know wherever your employees goes during business hours.  In this way you can track if they are escaping in their job.

•    Email and Chatting tracking – You will know every mail and chat content.  In this way you can track who among of your employees is selling company’s secret information to its competitors.  This can be used as evidence in confronting stealing employee and in court hearing.

There are so many ways how you can benefit from using Spyera spy software like protecting your kids and catching your cheating partner. 

Visit Spyera spy software or Download now!

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