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Best cydia spy apps for iPhone – Spy “swiss army knife”

Best cydia spy apps for iPhone

Which is the best cydia spy app for iPhone?  The top spy app is one which offers the best service to their client.  Another one is that it can do almost everything you need from spy software.  See which spy app is the best for you.

location tracking


When spying which information you want to know from the cell phone under surveillance?  Let me guess.

•    SMS content?
•    Conversation on the phone?
•    Location of the person using the phone?

Having all the information gathered from these questions will surely give you hint how the phone was used by the person you are monitoring.

Basically spy software only offers SMS access, phone book access, location tracking, mail monitoring, pictures viewing, call tracking and Url tracking but not anymore!

StealthGenie spy software gives you all the flexibilities in spying iPhone.  How?  Aside from capabilities discussed above StealthGenie have a lot more features which can aid you in your daily monitoring needs. 
Spy software apps have its own strength and weakness and I think that these are the things why StealthGenie spy app outstand them.

•    Phone conversation recording – Traditional spy app allows you to read incoming and outgoing messages but using StealthGenie you can do more.  It lets you record phone conversation by activating the microphone of the iPhone under spy.  Recorded conversation is great for monitoring your child behavior at school or at home.  This way you can easily correct your kids’ wrong doing at an early age.  It is also useful as evidence in confronting your employees on how they used their company’s provided phone like long distance calls for personal use instead of business purposes.  This also useful in jotting down ideas that comes into your mind right away.  You can record business meeting, interview with an applicant and many more!

•    Listening to live calls – This is another kind of service where you will not get from a typical spy software.  Using this app you can automatically patch into a live calls.  You can listen to the conversation live!  This is a great way to monitor and catch any unwanted behavior of your employees and member of your family.  This way you can protect your business and your family as well.

•    Cell ID Tracking – Most spy software locate iPhone through GPS, what if GPS fail?  Here is where StealthGenie spy software excels from competitors.  This spy app track the location through cell Id tracking when the satellites or your GPS device is not properly working. 

•    Sim Change Notification – This is useful especially when the person under spy change SIM to hide something from you.  You will be notified by this spy software and still gives reports on all the activities made on the cell phone.

•    Unlimited device change – Usually cell phone users change mobile phone frequently like changing clothes and jewelries.  This spy software support device change paying only a one-time payment for any mobile you want to spy.

•    Remote control – This software is handy if your phone was stolen.  You could still manage all the data on the phone by sending SMS command to the phone.  You can either backup immediately the phone data or totally wipe out stored information on it.

I hope you see how powerful this StealthGenie spy software compared to other Spy apps.  In choosing application for your iPhone you must consider the customer service the budget and how will you benefit from using it.  This cydia spy app is best for protecting your family members or monitoring employees.

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