Monday, March 5, 2012

Spy apps

Spy apps are software that can help track or monitor a person.  There are many applications for tracking.  The first one are programs installed to a computer.  Just like a hacker you will be able to gather information from the person who is using the PC.  Another kind of software is application download and activated on the phone.  Here you can spy on the different features available on the phone and automatically uploaded to a secured web server.

We will discuss here how are these spy applications work on the target phone.

SMS -  Using this spyware you can read messages going in and out of the phone.  You can even record and save it to a server provided for you by the developer of the program.  Through it you could spy and gather evidence from any suspicious person.

Pictures and Videos -  Mobile today are always come in hand with camera.  The more expensive your phone the better pixel you could enjoy.  Pictures and Videos are clearer and better.  These spy app works in the background.  The user don't have any clue that every Photos and Videos are secretly recorded into a remote PC.

Location -  You  can find where is the exact location of the user under monitoring.  Almost every phone are built with GPS.  Through this technology we can easily track every phone in real time.  These spywares are intelligent enough that they could report to you the history of where the person was.

Listen to calls -  Through the advancement of technologies you can also listen to live calls made by the phone.  If you are gathering evidence you can even record them and save for future use.

Internet tracking -  Phone nowadays has the capability to browse the internet.  Just like any spyware you will be able to monitor the website visited by the phone.  Emails and chat are monitored.  You don't know that you are under spy using this spy applications.

Another important feature you could use is you will be able to know the different people the user is calling.  You can read every numbers recorded in the contacts and phone book.

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