Tuesday, February 21, 2012

iPhone not jailbroken spy apps

Do you want to install spy apps yet considering your iPhone was not Jailbroken? Using these spy apps available at the app-store you will not change any of your settings in your iPhone. Brings out the James Bond in you! Spy time!

iphone spy apps

Spy Calc - Agilitech LLC - Just like any spy you must be good in hiding evidence from your enemy. This is a good characteristic of James bond. See the advantage you will get from this application.

Hide your pictures and videos private work behind a computer.

- Hide images, videos, documents, records
- Database stores copies of the underlying video, photos once to save space
- Advanced Scoring System
- Ability to group pictures, videos, documents and records
Keyword tagging and search -
- Multilingual support
Spy Calc - Agilitech LLC

iphone spy apps

• Spy • - PocketLab - Spy is an application that enhances your hearing, you can hear things you normally would not be able to hear. Connect a pair of headphones and use the microphone of your iPhone or iPod 4 (or the cord of your Apple headphones) to listen to the world at a level of detail you've never experienced before.

The secret: Spy contains an integrated audio compressor that automatically increases the volume of soft sounds, so you can hear the sound fine details that you would otherwise not be able to hear.

This artificially enhanced dynamic range is useful for a number of activities:
• Protection against eavesdropping on people across the room
• Understand bottom speakers and whisperers
• Hearing better in noisy listening
• Television viewing across the room without having to increase the volume
• Bird watching :-)
• Spy • - PocketLab

iphone spy apps

Spy Cams Pro - iToyToy.com - Aside from having a good ear for the news you should have a good sight for the enemy. This apps can do that for you!

The good news: Spy Cameras in 2756 Added new camera on March 5, cheers!

This version of spy cams and full without advertising.

Throughout the world, real-time camera. Look at the landscape, along the beach, and a 24-hour charge.

More than 150,000 visitors per day!
Spy Cams Pro - iToyToy.com

iphone spy apps

Spy Kit - Criswar Productions Inc. - Of all the iPhone not jailbroken spy apps available at the appstore this is the most complete spy app you would not want to miss! 14 SPY APPS IN 1 ★ ★ ★ Best Selling Mobile Spy App ★ ★ ★ WORLD TOP 20 Utility in 20 countries INCREDIBLE VALUE ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Protect your iPhone and spy on others. Spy Kit is the application for you if you want ★ The Secret Snap Photos ★ The record conversations without play ★ Anyone familiar with an alarm system ★ ★ Disguise your voice and more. Who knows what you can find with these tools at hand? And the best part is that they will never know, unless you wish.

The kit is divided into four sections: Intel, monitoring, tools and HUMINT.
Spy Kit - Criswar Productions Inc.

Top Secret Audio Recorder - Top Rated Spy Apps - Record conversations, meetings, conferences, and even more when you're not in the room! Schedule recordings with the function of detecting advanced sound engine to avoid recording long periods of silence. Secure your best secret recordings with a password!

You can also save after putting the phone in standby mode. Even if someone touches your iPhone while it is recording "wake up" the screen, they will immediately be prompted to enter your security code. When you want an audio recorder that would make James Bond jealous, look no further than Top Secret Audio.


• Store your records in a password protected private secret vault
• Specify start and end of recordings with the Scheduler
• Always save or only when sound is detected
• Capture and send in your own custom backgrounds or integrated into the sets
• Toolbar can be easily closed and hidden
• Easy to start and stop recording by tapping anywhere on the screen
• Play, pause, fast forward, rewind and record.
• Email records to yourself or others.
• Discreetly installed as TSA to avoid undue attention
• Copy recordings to your computer via iTunes
• Record time unrestricted
Top Secret Audio Recorder - Top Rated Spy Apps

I hope that these iPhone not jailbroken apps meets what you need in spying on any one you want to spy.

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