Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do you need to Jailbreak iPhone for easyspy?

Yes dear readers we will discuss this question here today.  Do you need to Jailbreak iPhone for easy spy?  Customers are frequently asking this question and  I will discuss it here it briefly and I hope to clear this question in your mind.

The answer to the question is a big YES!  All commercial iPhone spy apps available on the market now requires you to Jailbreak your iPhone.  Why?  Because third party software are not supported by the Apple Company you will not be able to install software other than the program made under the Apple iTunes Store.

Another question is Jail-breaking will not damage my iPhone? The answer is "NO".

After the Jailbreaking process you will still enjoy all the features in store for you from the iPhone iTunes store.  In fact they will not even recognize that your iPhone has been Jailbroken.  So could still download and install genuine application from the Appstore.

I hope this very short explanation enlighten you from every dought about Jailbreaking your iPhone.

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