Saturday, November 2, 2013

Warning, you could be under radar without your knowledge

spy agent

The text messages in your phone can easily be accessed by intelligence agencies and even private individuals keen to know your personal secrets.

Hacking of SMS data and emails is already at the centre of an international scandal in which the United States government was caught red-handed snooping into the communication secrets of presidents of foreign countries like Germany and Mexico.

Closer home, suspicion has always been rife that our own National Intelligence Service (NIS) has been creeping behind our backs to know what we communicate using our phones and computers.

In fact, monitoring of telephone conversations was prevalent even before the advent of mobile telephony.

Hacking and tapping of communication channels for prominent personalities and persons of interest to governments started in Kenya way back during the era of the Special Branch Unit.

 According to a former spy who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, the hacking of communication channels in Kenya started when the country had fixed telephone lines.

“We used to have our officers stationed at the Kenya Post and Telecom Corporation offices countrywide. They would monitor telephone conversations of senior government officers and even intercept mails,” said the former spy who worked for the government for more than 15 years.

Recently, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was in the news when he bragged that he uses spy technology better than those at the disposal of the country’s spy organisation.

Some spy applications like ‘ownspy’ that can be installed on smart telephones like the iPhone enable one to record all calls he gets and to intercept calls being made to or from other telephones, provided consent was previously given by the owner of the phone to be intercepted.

In the United States, Barack Obama’s government is battling damning revelations that its National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on foreign countries, most of them allies like Kenya.

In one case, it has been revealed that NSA, besides hacking into the presidential computer network of its southern neighbour, Mexico, during the reign of President Felipe Calderon, it also hacked into the 86,000 SMS messages of his heir Enrique Pena Neta.


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Saturday, August 10, 2013

iPhone could be hack by simply charging it from a malicious charger!

mactan iphone hacking

Is it alarming or awesome? iPhone can now be hack by simply charging it. So the next time you want to charge your phone from a public charger think twice before you do it. Check the report how it is done.
Georgia Tech Information Security center researchers Billy Lau and Ph.D. student YeongJin demonstrate how a device called Mactans was able to penetrate and install malicious program called Trojan to modify the iPhone system within 80 seconds.

Hacking is done through the use of charging device. Mactans forms looks like charger but it is not for the purpose of charging really. It was created to secret inject a program and hack the iphone system in no time.
Once the Trojan installed the owner would not notice any difference if their phone was hacked. In the demonstration, the Trojan is program to replace the Facebook application with a program that can reveal the phone security. The Mactans programs can easily reprogram to do other things like replacing your online bank account app and hack it.

When you are done using the iPhone and turn it off. The apple device runs itself. It can unlock the phone and make phone call. In the demonstration it was designed to make phone call. In reality you can do a lot of things which the phone user might suffer if all of his important bank accounts and passwords was hack.
My word of advice is bringing your own charger will eliminate this problem. In this way you can avoid this kind of hacking. Always be on guard and vigilant.

See the whole report here:

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Best iPhone Software to Catch a Cheater Now Released

gold and diamond wedding ring

Living a marriage life filled with doubt is quite difficult especially if you have to look after your kids whom you do not want to be affected by your family issues. Good thing that the modern technology has paved the way for the creation of the best iPhone software to catch a cheater.The promise of this program is to let you spot your cheating partner without being caught.

When facing trust issues, engaging on an argument when confronting your partner is not the wisest thing to do. This scenario will require lots of verbal discourse and some unwanted people including your children might hear about this. Furthermore, you cannot just bring up the issue because your subject might just shrug it off and lie that he is not doing anything that will hurt you.

In this era of technological diversity, it is comforting to know that some innovations are on your side. Finding the best iPhone software to catch a cheater plan will deliver you from many doubts and troubles in your life. Do not just sit there on the corner and ponder all day if someone is cheating on you or not.
The perks of using spy applications

Consider this approach as a fool proof plan. You need to catch your partner red handed without creating a lot of ruckus. On normal settings, you can hire a private detective but it will cost you too much. Moreover, you have to arrange for some secret meetings with him in order to carry out your plans. What about your work and family that needs your attention?

Using the best iPhone software to catch a cheater gives you the following advantages:

• Gather enough evidence in the form of recorded phone calls, saved text messages, sent email, received files and images and almost every incoming data that enters your spouse’s cellular device.

• You can have full access of his cyber activities by incorporating an application in his cellphone. This program will serve as your passport in coming up with the truth.

• Tracking of the exact location of your target is made possible by the additional feature GPS tracking. You can test him by asking where his location is and if he lies, you can see for yourself what he is doing in his secret hideout.

• Applying this best iPhone software to catch a cheaterprovisionwill also permit you to check internet browsing histories so that you can see if he is stalking someone.

• You can download all his activity logs and listen to live calls. On some cases, call interruption can also be done. In this fashion, your spouse will know that someone is watching him.

• Wide application of this feature is one of its main points. Aside from monitoring a suspected cheating partner, you can also track your employees and kids from afar.

• Spying on someone’s social network account such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus is also possible.

• Probably the best thing about spying is that you will feel omniscient. You will know everything about someone as long as he is within the range of this best iPhone software to catch a cheater.

How does the iPhone spy software work?

Some people say that this method is too good to be true but it really is. Operation is very simple. You can find the program online and upon payment, you will be directed to its download link. Once the file download is completed, you need to install it to your phone and to your target’s mobile device. Find a way to borrow his phone because once it is done, you will not have to worry about anything anymore.
Additionally, you have to configure the application for it to work properly. You do not have to stress yourself from technical troubleshooting because this job is no-brainer. The best iPhone software to catch a cheater is user friendly. On top of that, its official web page has instructions manual for easier configurations.

Surveillance device standards

Of course, the promises stated above should be met in order for you to consider this tool the most efficient tracking software. Remember that you also applied for a more cost efficient way to monitor someone. The price for the services should not exceed $50. Some of the frequently used cellphone monitoring programs are available for as low as $10 but some of the provisions are not included such as call listening and call interruption.

People who are recommended to use spy apps

You are already given the perks and features of surveillance gadgets but what else do you know about its pros and cons? Who needs the best iPhone software to catch a cheater application? Check these observations and see if you encounter any of these. If most of them are positive, you are in need of spying applications. Who knows? This might be your tool in fixing your relationship that is about to fall apart.

  1.  He frequently visits his friends and most of them are unknown or strangers to you.
  2.  There is a continuous reception of phone calls and text messages from someone.
  3.  Your partner seems a bit secretive lately and he always refuses to show you his gadget.
  4.  He stays up and even go for some late night visits.

Do not be a victim of a cheater. Do not waste your time pretending that everything will work according to your plan. Act now before it is too late. You can still save your family and relationship.You can keep an eye on someone and still continue your duties as a family member.

By the virtue of this best iPhone software to catch a cheater, you can rest peacefully at night free of bad thoughts that your loved one is seeing somebody else behind your back. Spying is not approved in the moralistic point of view but as long as your intentions are pure and could justify the means, this technological innovation is your way to the truth.  Click here to learn more here.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Best cheater app advantages and disadvantages

couple sitting on grass

If you have been closely following my post, right now you may know the advantages of using the best cheater app in the industry today. If this is the first time you've come into my blog, don't worry I'll discuss it briefly today along with the disavantages.

Best cheater app advantages:

1. Using the technology you can monitor almost everything using the phone he's bringing everyday and the computer from your office or from your home.

2. Instead of hiring a pricy private investigator you will be able to track your cheating partner at a cheaper cost. Plus you will be able to filter any human errors from the records you gathered because it is directly monitored from your spouse mobile phone.

3. It will be more convenient to choose technlogy from tracking your spouse on your own. You can check on your partner anytime anywhere because the phone is track from a remote server where all the data are automatically uploaded without any hint from the phone user.

Every month and every year spy apps upgrade and adds news functionality today here are the features you want to have if yours is the top cheater application

1. Email spying
2. Phone book access
3. Call tracking
4. Sms monitoring
5. Listening to surroundings
6. View pictures
7. Location tracking
8. Internet activities
9. Remote control access
10. Reads Instant messenger
11. Advance feature on changing sim or alert from a certain word

Disadvantage even if you have the best cheater app:
As you can see every events is triggered by the phone usage which is immediately record and uploaded to a remote computer. What if the actions is not technology triggered? What I mean are these actions are things that can't be record by the phone. This time you will have to trust your gut feeling.

Sudden change in appearance - You know the exact routine of your partner. If you noticed that he's putting on some perfume wherever he goes unlike before that he says "I'm allergic to perfume" then maybe theres something new about your partner. Your husband didn't even bother his weight but now he enrolled himself in a training program for weight loss. It's ok to be cautious about health but if it's drastic change then your intution is your friendly neighborhood to listen.

Change of mood - If you notice lately that your spouse is listening to a new kind of music or watching new kind of movies then there's something wrong. If your partner is not doing wrong behind your back then he will share it to you why he 's listening to the music and who influence him. In contrary if he's defensive and he don't want you to share to you who and where he did find his new hobby then maybe he's sharing it with his significant other.

Change in atmosphere in your husband workplace - This situation needs an extra observation and keen knowledge in the environment. You will notice the warm greeting or your partner officemates, there's something fishy. It could be they are pity of the infidelity behind your back. Maybe they know something about your partner and they didn't telling you. It could be the first person you greet when you came to the office.

More time spend in the computer - You may find it ok because he tells you that he has additional work load because of the promotion. In case your spouse stays late then maybe there's something wrong. It could be a cyber affair or affair arranged over the internet. You will notice that he's deleting emails from his computer and he even put password to his personal mail.

A sudden change in the clothes and even underwear used - You will observe that your partner is more choosy with the clothes he wear on. He even change his underwear brand and design. There could be somenone appreciating his clothes and even his underwear.

Whatever happens you must utilize the use of best cheater app (download here) and your intution. It will go handy together when used. Do you have any other ways how you can proved if you spouse is cheating on you. Leave a comment below.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

How to read someone text using cydia step by step procedure

Warning this step by step procedure of “how to read someone text using cydia” might be against the law in your country. Please ask advice from lawyers or legal officers.

Tools you need:

  • Smartphone – The smartphone you want to monitor text message. Unless you own the phone you have to physical access to the phone you won’t be able to proceed to the next procedure. You must be the owner of the phone to avoid any violation of privacy law.

Your smartphone must have features like GPS, internet connection and wifi. Old phones won’t work. Example of smartphone is iPhone. You can choose different kind of smartphones according to the manufactures that you patronage like Nokia, Ericson and Samsung.

  • Computer or any gadget that can access internet – You will need extra device that can access the internet. The extra device will be use to check the text messages gathered by the cydia app that records SMS.

You will need either PC, MAC or Smartphones to access the remote server where the files are recorded do this.

  • Cydia spy application – This is additional software that you will need to install to your smartphone. The phone which you want to track the text messages. Prior to installing the spy application you must jailbreak first your smartphone for apple devices or root your phone for android smartphones.

Right after the cydia spy software is installed, it will upload the monitored text messages to a remote server. You can access it through the code sent to you upon registration.

Which cydia spy application to use?
I highly recommend spybubble cydia spy app. Spybubble is the most affordable cydia out in the market today. In fact you can purchase it in one time only. Unlike any other cydia software you will need to pay a recurring fee monthly. Spybubble is tested through time monitoring every kind of smartphone in the market including Apple and Samsung. You may refer to the official website to find out if yours is mobile is supported.

Spybubble text message spy app does not only track SMS. You can also monitor phone location through GPS monitoring. Another one is you can browse the phone book remotely. Next is you can listen to live phone calls. It also allows you to track mails sent and received. You can check the browsing activity. Finally you can control the mobile remotely.

Remote lets you easily backup phone content or simply erase and manually format the phone in case it contains sensitive files which you don’t want other people to access. It’s very applicable also when your phone was stolen or lost.

If you need more information you may read this Q&A website.

If you have further inquiries in “how to read someone text using cydia” you may contact me through email. You can also write a comment below, like, share our topic today. Thank you for reading our blog post today. Have a great day everyone ;)

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spying app for cheating husband saves my marriage and family

I'm so grateful that I found a spying app for cheating husband. It saved my home from heartaches of being broken family and now my marriage keeps stronger everyday.

When did it happen?

I was pregnant with my first child. Life was a breeze. My husband is managing his own mobile repair service. He is so loving and caring to me. He takes care of my needs. He bought me what I want and we are living in a small room we rented as we are just starting our married life. I takes care of his food before going to work and washing our clothes. Everything was fine until...

Something isn't right

Lately I noticed that my hubby was not always at our store. When I ask our employee they would tell my husband just went to the parts supplier to buy things needed for the store. There are times that my husband didn't go home early. Almost everyday he come home at dawn with an excuse that he's working with someone to improve our store. Finally my gut feeling struck me. I notice that I couldn't even find his mobile whenever I want use it. It's always with him even when he's going to the bathroom.

The truth expose

I know it's hard to accept the fact that my husband is cheating on me. My suspicion became more and more stronger until a lady approach me and tell me that my husband is dating someone and he has significant other. When I heard it I feel numb and I can't breathe. It's like the whole world is falling down on me. It's a burst of emotions and feelings that I couldn't think clearly. I ask advice from my close friends and they comfort me. I keep on asking myself why and why me. The truth is I myself have shortcomings that this things happened.

How did I save my marriage and family

The next day I confront my husband. We fight all day and all night but things get worse. He keeps on denying that he didn't cheated me and telling me that I didn't have proof for accusing him. Days pass and situation is still the same. Until one day while browsing the internet about saving marriage I came across an application that allows me to monitor a mobile phone. I became curious and to my persistence I read every details about it. I am determined to install it on my husband phone once and for all.

One night while my husband is sleeping, he left is phone unguarded on his pocket. I took it and bring it with me in the bathroom. In just 5 minutes I was able to download and install the spying app for cheating husband to his phone. Slowly I return to our bedroom, return the phone to his pocket and I sleep praying that I could sop this feeling and solved my problems.

The next morning while he is on his phone, I log in online and see if there's any signs of suspicious text, calls, emails, or web browsing from his phone. I caught him. I record every text messages he and his significant other. I was able to read their exchange of emails. Most of all I was able to listen to their phone conversations whenever they call each other.

Evidence and forgiveness

In one day I was able to record all of his infidelity. I felt miserable and all I can felt was heartaches. The following day I arrange a one on one communication with him. We had a diner. In front of the table while we are eating I started to tell him how much I love him. I want to be with him for the rest of my life with our baby which is 7 mos old. Later in the conversation I told him that I know everything and I am ready to forgive him.

I showed him every details and records of his infidelity. This time he's more humble. He accepted his wrong doing and promised to me that he will never cheat me again. He hug me and kiss me. I'm still hesitant that time but I prayed that my husband will never break his promise again.

Happy Ending

I'm so grateful that I was able to find an spying app for cheating husband that help me to reveal the truth. Without it I wouldn't be able to save my marriage and fix our family. My husband now is working from home dad. I see him everyday because he chooses to be with us everyday.

Guest Post:  Jeannette Pineda
Jeannette is a successful businesswoman.  As of writing Jeannette have two kids.  Edwin her husband is working from home.

To learn more about the application our sharer used visit this link.

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3 Reasons why you need to see others peoples texts messages

 teenager sending an sms
These are the 3 major reasons why you really need to see others peoples texts. You must learn and record text messages because it is very important in every aspects of your life. One text message can save the life or your love ones or save your investment from premature closing.

Business - Most of the time business reasons are the event that pushes us to use tracking device. Business owner or managers tell their employees that a mobile phone spyware is installed on their service phone. Through the use of tracking device, they will be able to monitor every move and SMS their staff doing in and out of the company. This stragedy enables them also to check the realtime location. This ensure the business owner that their staff in the right place and is not wondering around the city.

Businesses saved more than 40% in telephone expenses. This tells us that most of the time phone calls are used for personal use only. The money saved will now be used in more useful ways like marketing or buying office equipments. In tracking phone sms you will know the content of the SMS, cell phone numbers used, time and the date it was sent.

Kids security - Kids safety is one of the primary reasons why we want to see others peoples texts. As parents you want to know the latest thing that happens to your child life. It could be what they are doing in your house when your are at your office. Another one is if they are doing great in their school and if their are participating in their class. The other one if you have teens you want to know if your kids is in a bad situation or relationship.

You want to know if your kids is behaving or someone is bullying them in their school. You will want to know if they are engaging in a situation that could endanger them. One simple text can make or even break your child forever. There's a saying that "Prevention is better than cure" this also apply to your kids safety. You must anticipate your child move and guide them wisely in making their decisions.

Relationships - I believe this is one of the reasons why people wants to see others people texts. Do you sense something different is happening to your partner? If you find your spouse doing things that they didn't do on a daily basis then maybe something fishy is going on. In installing mobile spy software you can verify your suspicion.

Coming home late? He takes too long in using bathroom? He always bring the phone wherever he is? Doing overtime even if it not rush season of the year? Going to the gym even if you know that he doesn't like lifting weights? These are the most important thing that signals you that he is cheating.

Mobile tracking software will report to you every SMS that goes in and our your spouse phone. You can verify your suspicion right away and see if he's reall doing something behind your back. Most intimate messages are sent through text messages and there's no doubt that you will catch him red handed using his phone.

Do you have any other reasons why you want to see others peoples texts messages? Share them below. or Click here if you need the software.

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