Saturday, August 10, 2013

iPhone could be hack by simply charging it from a malicious charger!

mactan iphone hacking

Is it alarming or awesome? iPhone can now be hack by simply charging it. So the next time you want to charge your phone from a public charger think twice before you do it. Check the report how it is done.
Georgia Tech Information Security center researchers Billy Lau and Ph.D. student YeongJin demonstrate how a device called Mactans was able to penetrate and install malicious program called Trojan to modify the iPhone system within 80 seconds.

Hacking is done through the use of charging device. Mactans forms looks like charger but it is not for the purpose of charging really. It was created to secret inject a program and hack the iphone system in no time.
Once the Trojan installed the owner would not notice any difference if their phone was hacked. In the demonstration, the Trojan is program to replace the Facebook application with a program that can reveal the phone security. The Mactans programs can easily reprogram to do other things like replacing your online bank account app and hack it.

When you are done using the iPhone and turn it off. The apple device runs itself. It can unlock the phone and make phone call. In the demonstration it was designed to make phone call. In reality you can do a lot of things which the phone user might suffer if all of his important bank accounts and passwords was hack.
My word of advice is bringing your own charger will eliminate this problem. In this way you can avoid this kind of hacking. Always be on guard and vigilant.

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