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How to see messages on other iPhone solution

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If you are asking yourself “how to see messages on other iPhone” then you must read this.  I must warn you first that eavesdropping on a phone that you own is illegal.  Please make it sure that you will use this solution to phone that is you own.

Follow the step by step procedure below and you’re good to go:
  •      First you must be the owner of the iPhone.  You must have access to the phone because you will need to change some settings and install specialized software to get the desired results.
  •      Next, check if your iPhone is already Jailbroken.  To determine if it is already jailbroken check for apps and find an icon named cydia.
  •      Now hold your phone.  This time you will need an application that will monitor any sms coming in and going out of the phone.  Check this app.  This is the best application you want to use because you are only up to the text messages.  It is cheap and very easy to use.
  •       Using your phone browser, download the iphone sms application from the link above and check the instructions from the email you provided during the registration process.
  •       Then, see your email inbox and verify the download instructions and download link.
  •       After you download, execute now application and follow the step by step procedure.
  •           Once you’re done you can now see the messages of your iPhone from anywhere it is located.

The step by step instructions will take you 5 minutes or less which totally depends of your familiarity with your iphone.

What are the things you can do after the installation?

Once the software is installed, it enables you to record the text messages that are coming in and out of the phone.  You will know the details of the sms, time and date are was send or received.  You will know too the Phone number used in sending and receiving the SMS.  That’s not all below are of the most power features you can take advantage of using the application.

     Eavesdropping in phone calls-  You will be able to listen and verify any suspicious calls

Location monitoring – You will be able to track iPhone location whenever and wherever

Internet tracking – This allows you to monitor emails, chat and every Url and website visited by the iphone.  This is very useful especially if you want to tab their internet habits.

Remote access control – As the owner you can remotely control the iPhone.  You can easily backup or wipe out the phone just in case it falls into the wrong hands (thief

Latest features are BBM messaging and live picture taking.

    You may want to see this Q&A site to learn more.

Watch the video below to learn more how to see messages on other iPhone:

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