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Is my husband cheating? Check this app to verify it and learn from my experience

Do you suspect your husband is unfaithful? Do you keep asking yourself, “Is my husband cheating?” In this post I will discuss the different signs to find out if really is your husband is on the wrong path and an application that will help you confirm it.


To start with here are the signs I observe when my husband is cheating on me:

Always online – During the time my husband cheated on me, I notice that he’s always online with his laptop and Smartphone. I didn’t bother because whenever I glance on his screen, it is on his paper work page.

Became workaholic – My husband goes home late. He always missed our diner and always tired. He would rather sleep than spend time with me like we always do.

On a diet – I also notice that my husband eat less. I don’t know why but I think he eats out with his friend or boss.

Women perfume on his polo – Now when this thing happened, I started to become suspicious. The first signs are not too obvious but this one came, I realize little by little what‘s really happening behind my back.

Grooming – The next day after I found out about the perfume, I then realize why he’s so clean and neat with his new shave beard. He wants his shirt iron and his shoes shine like a mirror.

Spending more time out of your sight – Another one is I also notice that he’s always out and having good times with his high school friends, college classmates and even nursery classmates! This thing is going too far.

Changes work schedule – My husband is handling technical job in their office. My suspicion grows day by day and I found out that he’s not always on his office. He has a lot of field work taking care of their customers machines. I wonder why for they have monthly and even weekly maintenance.

Privacy – This time when he’s home he always turn off his cell phone. At times when he has a phone call he will go to the bathroom with an alibi of client call.

Erase browser history – This time I became more vigilant. After his online activity, I immediately borrowed his laptop. I search for the internet history but to my dismay there was none left, he deleted it. This time I checked his email and now it locked with password. I ask him the password but he refused to give it because of business privacy alibi.

Intuition – I keep erasing the infidelity of my husband in my mind giving reasons that he won’t do that to me but there’s something that keeps telling me that he has significant other.

The above lists are the things I observe during the time my husband cheated me. Don’t worry I won’t leave you in the dark; here’s the solution that I rely on during those hard times. Aside from asking advice from my parents and lawyers I opt to use a spy app to verify and end this uneasy feeling.

I get the idea of using phone spy software from the owner of this blog. If you are closely following him I think you know him, but if this is the first time you browse this site I’ll introduce him to you a great friend of mine Mr. Edward Presto. At first I was hesitant but when I see the results I use the spyware right away.


What are the requirements for the software to work?

Internet connection – The mobile should have internet connection. It could be WIFI or Network connection through Phone Service provider.

You own the phone – You should own the phone. When you bought the spy software service, you will notice that this is one of the agreement. The company is strict and they observe “Privacy Law”.

Install the software – You should install the spy software into the phone. Once installed that’s the only time it will work, you won’t be able to install it remotely.

After I read the terms and condition in using the phone spy app, I immediately download and install it on the phone of my husband. It’s ok since I am the phone owner, who buys it and I am the one who pays the bill.

In 24 hours I get the information I need. Check the list below how I got it:

My husband is always online using his Smartphone. What he doesn’t know everything is logged and saves to a remote PC. He’s footprint using the internet is well recorded including the URL’s visited and the time he open and exit every site. Now I know what he does using his phone online.

When he has excuse that he will be late for the diner, I check on him real time location. Just run the spy software and you will be able to see the location and history of his whereabouts during the day. In this way I know where he is at or if he’s meeting someone whom I think he’s other woman.

Whenever he received or sent text messages, I knew. I can read every text messages and even he delete them on a purpose, don’t worry you will have a copy of it the moment the messages were created on his phone system.

My last and final resort is to listen to his live phone call conversation and that’s how I verify the truth that my husband is cheating on me. It was a mix of emotion and confusion. Should I confront him right away or stay calm? I can’t bear and so the confrontation is there right away. We talk; shout to each other and up to the point where he slapped me. I’m so angry that I could hurt him physically and fight back. The next morning we didn’t talk. Through the advice of our friends and families I tried and he came too realized that he was wrong.

I’m so glad that after all what happened our relationship is still keeps growing and stronger than before. I know that my husband realized his mistake. Today he is focus on his work to provide us and take care of us. I think this article is too long. Don’t worry I won’t hold you. If you are right now in the situation just be brave and pray. It works. If you want to know what app I used to prove if (“Is my husband cheating?” visit this: Cheating husband application

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Guest Post by:  Michelle Mueller - Housewife and a mother of 4 kids.


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