Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Tools I Used Every day On My Laptop Computer You Might Need It Too

I used these tools on a daily basis. To give you bird’s eye view I work as photographer and graphic artist in our city. I use this tool to develop rush ID pictures and also to entertain myself if I have nothing to do on my laptop computer.

my handy tools

Tool#1: Digital Camera – Samsung ST66

• It helps me capture great photos of my customers.
• It is simply a point and shoot digital camera. Gives you nice photo output.
• Just setup it to automatic setting. It was setup for me by the sales lady when I bought it.
• The camera price is 119.99USD

Tool#2 : Adobe Photoshop CS3

• Great for editing pictures and images.
• With Photoshop you can edit the contrast, brightness, resize and crop the photo.
• I could develop a photo ID in less than 10 minutes! Use white / red canvass at the background it cuts the time of work hours.
• Price 499.99USD

Tool#3: Printers and Scanner

• You will use it for printing after editing the photo using Photoshop.
• Actually I have two Epson made printers. T13 used for printing and TXT121x which I use for printing, scanning and photo copy too.
• To produce nice ID pictures. I setup my printers to Epson paper mate paper settings. Having two printers helps a lot especially if you need to do two things at a time.
• Price T13 =89.75USD TX121=134.60USD

Tool#4: KeepVid and snipmp3 website

• I used it when I’m not doing anything. Primary used for grabbing videos and mp3 for personal use.
• If I found a nice video in Youtube I would like to store it and play it when I’m not connected to the internet. Using Keepvid I could save a copy any videos from Youtube on my Hardisk. “Warning: grabbing any digital video / audio is penalized under privacy law. This is totally up to you.”
• All you need to do is copy the YouTube URL of the video you would like to save and paste it to the KeepVid site. Click go and it will automatically prompt you to proceed and download. Same goes with Snipmp3 site.
• Price = 100% Free

Tool#5: SpyBubble Cell phone spy software

• It is useful if I want to know how my wife is doing in their office. It also helps me monitor my Nanny if she’s taking care of two kids back home.
• The mobile monitoring software is an application that you install on your love ones cell phones. It lets you see their text messages, calls, pictures, videos and real time location.
• I ask my wife to install it to her cell phone so I could get update from her. You can ask your spouse too if it’s not a problem to them. Great too if you want to monitor you employees if you own a business.
• Price 49.95USD onetime payment only.  Visit official page

These tools are so important to me. It brings me money for my family, have a great time while working and have a peace of mind even if I’m away from wife and two kids. What about you? What tools do you use each day?


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