Wednesday, February 13, 2013

iPhone 5 cheater software - Your partner can be trace now with this new technology

iphone 5 cheater software

Gone are the days when iPhone 5 or any iPhone running on the latest version are exempted from any monitoring software. With the latest development, iPhone 5 and any iPhone running on the latest version iOS 6 can be track now. Find out how.

Weeks before, solution for tracking iPhone 5 can’t be found anywhere. iPhone 4s upgraded to latest firmware iOS is still not supported. This problem is one of the reasons why you can’t verify if your partner is cheating on you. Today using the most advance spyware you will be able to put these devices under radar easily.

StealthGenie the first software to support every Android under the sun brought us another first in the history of monitoring phone. StealthGenie recent release allows you to track all iPhones from all over the world regardless of its firmware. iPhone running on the latest iOS 6.0 and up can be track even if it’s an iPhone 4s updated to the latest version.

What information you could track using this iPhone 5 cheating software?

SMS - StealthGenie alert notification outshine competitor in a special way of tracking text messages. You can set a word or cell phone number and when this word or mobile number appears on your target phone you will receive an alert right away. This is useful if you want to know if your spouse is sending text messages like “I love you”, “I miss you” and “where we will meet?” which could be a sign of infidelity. If you find any suspicious cell phone number you could add it to your alert and find out if it’s the cell phone number of your husband other woman. Sign of cheating includes deleting text messages. There’s a solution for that, StealthGenie automatically upload a copy of his text messages to your user account. You can read the SMS content, date and time it was sent and received.

Phonebook and Call – StealthGenie lets you access all the names and cell phone number stored on any iPhone phone memory. You will be able to see any suspicious names and numbers. Incorporate it to the alert notification I discuss above. Do you want to catch him empty handed? Do you need evidence that will proved your husband is cheating? StealthGenie lets you record iPhone 5 live conversation. You will now have peace of mind if you find that you are just being suspicious and your husband is faithful to you. If you verify him cheating, at least you have the proof before you confront your partner.

Location – iPhone 5 can now be trace using this software. You will know his whereabouts and confirm if he is really to going to the gym, where in fact he’s meeting his significant other. Is he always late at night going home with an alibi of overtime? Stop your misery. Check on him if he is really at his office or in a bar drinking beer. Another scenario where you could find out if you are cheated by your spouse using his iPhone 5 is by looking to the logs of StealthGenie reporting the history and places where he’s been.

Online activity – iPhone 5 mobile technology lets you connect to the internet. This internet usage can be track. Emails, Chat, Facebook and browser history are log and recorded automatically to your online user account. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you through online dating site fret no more. You will be able to read his outgoing and incoming emails. You will see his intimate chat messages in Facebook and verify if he’s flirting with someone.

There are more features that I have not yet discussed here. The bottom line is iPhone fifth generation or any iphone running on the latest iOS 6 firmware can be monitor now using cheating spy software. It is what you need to have peace of mind. Visit official page to learn more.

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