Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apple iOs vs Google Android epic OS battle!

Tech giants Apple and Google are already at the verge of their battle on who gives the better operating system. Several people in comment threads in the internet are already debating whether it is Apple iOS 6 or Google Android that should be hailed the bestseller. 

apple iOs vs Google Android OS
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For the past years, Google and Apple struggled with several competitors in the tech world such as Yahoo and Netscape respectively. Today, the two biggies are in conflict to prove which delivers the ultimate operating system experience.

Apple generates $1 billion each month due to its iPhone sales whereas Google does not make that much from Android although many users prefer Android phones. Both operating systems deliver smart applications that are widely applicable and it is safe to say that it always depend on the user which among the two OS is fit for them. Admit it or not, Apple has grown unimaginable popularity and without exerting too much effort, many tech geeks would still patronize them without even considering what Android has to offer.

In terms of being a gaming console, iOS has a bigger gallery of games compared to Android. The recently introduced Apple Maps got nothing much to say against the legendary Google navigation applications which are available in some Android smart phones. Google also teamed with Youtube and it is a good thing for Android users.
In terms of usability, Android applications have wider borderlines in intractability with the phone. Nothing beats Google in terms of being a search engine but iPhone incorporation of Facebook and Twitter is a good consolation. Google was the first to apply cloud integration and this gives them the score. Later on, Apple used the same protocol but the company apologized bigtime. Android’s voice search beats Apple’s Siri in terms of search capabilities but Siri is indeed a better virtual assistant. Taking user interface into consideration, the new Android JellyBean is much more customizable than iOS 6.

Perhaps, it would be better if the two giants battle in terms of product functionality and not in courtroom. Needless to say, they always have patrons because of the quality operating systems they already introduced to the world. Share this post to show your support to Android and iOS.

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