Saturday, September 1, 2012

iPhone spyware no jailbreak or installing software on the target phone

iPhone spyware no jailbreak is the latest solution in a situation where your target phone is not within your reach.  You can spy on your iPhone without jailbreaking or having physical access to your phone.  

iPhone spyware no jailbreak or installing software on the target phone

•    Do you want to spy your iPhone without jailbreaking it?
•    Do you want to spy your iPHone without installing software on your target phone?
•    You don’t have physical access to the phone?

Monitoring your iPhone is a must nowadays.  It can save your family members from untoward incidents or your business from thief employees.  Most cell phone spyware requires you to jailbreak your target or at least you have physical access to the target phone.  Using Cell tracker you will not have to jailbreak every iPhone you want to spy and you can track them wherever they are even without physical access to the phone!

Do you want to know how it works?  Cell tracker is your latest technology.  First of all you must register here.  After registration, you will receive a download link.  Next using any compatible phone, download and install the software to YOUR monitoring PHONE.  NOT on your TARGET PHONE.  Then make a 30 seconds call to your target phone.  Be sure not to answer the call to synchronize your phone and the target phone.  Finally you will receive a buzz whenever the phone is used by your target person.

Cell tracker is stealth.  It works in the background and the phone is under radar 24/7.  There is no need to install software and you are not required to have physical contact to the phone.  Once installed, you can monitor every SMS coming in and out of the phone.  You will have the most important information on their SMS.  This great if you want to know if your child is lying to you or your employee badmouth you wherever you are away.  SMS is easiest and quickest way to communicate.  For sure, you can monitor them without any difficulty.

If you find the need to catch them on the act you can use the live call listening feature.  This empowers you to listen to phone conversation live!  You will exactly every words of cheating if you suspect that your employee is doing backdoor deals without your knowledge.  Using the GPS tracking feature you will know the place and whereabouts of your target phone.  This time you will know where you can catch them right where they do under the table business deals.

Cell tracker is your ultimate solution for iPhone remote spying.

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