Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone spy without jailbreak

Jailbreaking requires you to have physical access to your target phone. If you have no access to the phone then you could use this iPhone spy without jailbreak software.

iPhone spy without jailbreak

• Do you want to spy on an iPhone remotely?
• You do not have access to your target phone?
• Which spy software to use?

Most spyware can be installed if you have your phone within your reach. You will have to jailbreak first your target phone prior to installation as it is the key for the software to work. Unless jailbroken, spy app will not work or installed it is because iPhone has a built in security features that can be access without jailbreak process. This can be a huge problem if your target phone is in a distant.

Using an advanced spyware the “Cell tracker spy software”, you can spy on any iPhone from anywhere in the world. This is a total remote spy system that can track any iPhone remotely. Does even if you have no direct contact to your target phone you can still spy on it provided you follow some laws like the Privacy law. Ask your legal adviser about it.

Cell tracker is easy to download and deploy
• Just register yourself from their website
• Get the download link to the email your provided
• Download and install on your phone.
• Make a 30s phone call to your target iphone ( it could be your family members or employees) make sure it is not answered to allow pairing between the two cellphone.
• Congratulate yourself your done!

Whenever there is a phone activity you will receive it directly to your phone. For example if your target iphone received an SMS you will receive a copy of it immediately. You will know the content of the text messages, the name, date and time it was sent. This feature allows verifying if your child is lying to you or if your employee is cheating in his work.

You can tap this software if you want to see the real-time location of your child. You will know if he’s in his school during classes. If you suspect your employees is just having a good time roaming around the mall instead of attending to your customers then this could help you a lot.

Cell tracker can be use also in tracking phone calls. This can help you check who your child in contact is and find out what kind of person is it. This is very useful for Parents or you if you want to protect and keep safe of your family members.
There are a lot features you can use visit: Cell tracker spyware now.

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