Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to see other peoples text messages on iphone?

In this tutorial you will learn how to see other people’s text messages on your iPhone. Warning: Please use it on cell phones that you own to avoid violation of “Privacy Law”.

How to see other peoples text messages on iphone?


• Do you want to monitor any cell phone text messages on your iPhone?
• Which software to use in monitoring cell phone SMS?
• How to deploy it?

Monitoring SMS text is a vital part of our life now. It is so important that one text can make a big difference. It can mean life or death. It can save your business or end your business. There are many possibilities when it comes to text messaging and this is the very reason why you want to monitor it. Using the available technology at hand your iPhone, can be use in tracking SMS. Instead of buying costly spy equipment or hiring secret agent, use spy software together with your iPhone for SMS tracking.

Cell tracker spyware is an application that you will have to install on your iPhone. It is third party software that allows you monitor SMS of any cell phones. It is handy in monitoring your kid’s text messages. Using it you will know every text messages coming in and out of your child cell phone. The information includes the SMS content, cell phone numbers, date, time and the name attach to it on the phone memory. Your iPhone will receive a duplicate of every SMS. If your child tries to hide something from you, then you will know. Even he DELETES it, no problem at all because you have a copy of it.

Setting up is simple. First you need to register here. After registration you will receive a download link in your email. You must have a jailbroken iPhone to proceed to installation, if you do proceed to installation and follow onscreen instructions. Next make a 30s phone call to your target phone it could be another iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc. The call must not be answered in order to allow pairing between your iPhone and your target phone. If you are going to monitor another iPhone you DO NOT need to jailbreak it. Finally once pairing is done you will receive a buzz every time your target phone sends or received text messages.

SMS monitoring is only one part of Cell tracker features to learn more visit: Cell tracker now!

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