Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How can you tell what time a video was recorded on an iphone?

In this tutorial you will learn how to tell the time a video was recorded an iPhone. You will know the date it was recorded too.

how to tell the time a video was recorded


• Do you want monitor videos on iPhone?
• Do you want to know the date and time videos were recorded?
• Do you want to monitor iPhone activity too?

Stealthgenie a iPhone spy software is an advance spyware that can track every phone activity. It immediately records every phone activity. One of the power features is recording or making a backup of videos record by iPhone. You can playback the videos and evaluate it wherever you are using a computer with internet connection. To see the videos back up by the spy app you will need to login using your username and password created earlier. From the recorded videos you can play back and see every person, places or thing recorded. You will know too the date and time it was recorded. It is the instinct of every person to record important events, people, places or thing thus giving you hint what your iPhone user is up to.

Stealthgenie does not only record videos. It also backup SMS. This logs is very vital if you want to keep your text messages or if you want to spy on the iphone user. Text messages mostly contain intimate and important information you want to know. This spyware will have a backup of text messages even if the SMS were DELETED intentionally by the phone user. This can be very useful for child monitoring to see if they are lying to you and is equally important in tracking employees to see their loyalty to your company.

To learn more about stealthgenie visit: iPhone spy software.

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