Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sms tracker for iPhone – Monitor SMS at all times!

Monitoring text messages is not as hard as you thought.  It can be done in as easy as one, two and three using this iPhone SMS tracker.

sms tracker for iphone


•    Do you have a teenager who doesn’t want you to be always around?
•    Do you have a problematic employee?
•    Do you suspect that your wife has another lover?

If you have these kinds of problems and they are using your iPhone provided for them, then iPhone Sms tracking software is what you need.  Using the software you can easily monitor every text messages coming in and out of your target iPhone.   The software does not depend on the phone logs.  It has its own database online where you can access the phone SMS activity.  You can read even the DELETED text messages.  This feature empowers you to track your family members and your business too.

How the iPhone tracker works? 

First of all you must register here.  You will receive a download link and instructions on how to install the sms spyware on your iPhone.  Secondly you must jailbreak your iPhone prior to installation.  To verify if you have a jailbroken iPhone you should see a cydia icon.  Next proceed to installation.  Follow the onscreen instructions.  Once installed the software run in stealth mode.  This means the phone user wouldn’t see any signs of sms tracking software.

Once spyware is installed you can check every SMS coming in and out of the phone.  It enables you to monitor the person your target iPhone in contact.  You will know the names and cell phone numbers used.  Monitored sms includes the time and date messages were sent and received.

You can now track your teenager SMS activity giving you hint if your teenager is lying on you.  Once tracking app is installed you will know through sms if your employee is doing deals behind your back.  This is a good tool too if you want to verify your suspicions if your partner is cheating on you.

There are more features other than tracking SMS visit: SMS spy software

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